5 Most-Loved Kratom Recipes; Have You Tried Them Yet?


Kratom connoisseurs never tire of trying various versions of kratom. They even do bizarre combinations. Many of them mix kratom in food recipes or breakfast recipes. From kratom pancakes and kratom smoothies to kratom coffee, kratom cake, and more, you can find endless possibilities with this amazing Asian herb. 

So what’s your favorite way of taking this herb? 


Mixing kratom powder or liquid extract in a recipe does not decrease its effects. The alkaloids are known to withstand high temperatures. So, it is safe to mix the herb in your favorite food or drink recipes. 

However, when you mix kratom with food it takes some more time to produce the desired effects. There is a huge difference when you take kratom as it is on an empty stomach and when you take it with food. 

So, if you are patient enough to feel the effects, you can try various kratom recipes without hesitation. 

But, if you love your kratom to give you the “punch” as quickly as possible, take it on an empty stomach. In the case of powder, the best thing to do is toss and wash with water. Use citrus juice for a double effect because citrus is a known kratom potentiator. 

Must we tell you to search for “kratom shop near me” to find authentic vendors of this herb? This way, you get the best quality kratom. 

The most popular kratom combinations 

1. Kratom in yogurt

Yogurt is packed with calcium and protein. And kratom is packed with energy, a happy mood, pain relief, fatigue-fighting properties, and lots more. So, when you mix kratom and yogurt, you get a “powerhouse” bowl. 

2. Kratom in smoothies

Many people find it easier to gulp kratom down with a glass of smoothie. Banana smoothie, grapefruit smoothie, chocolate smoothie – the choice is yours. Get some Red Bali Kratom Powder to fight that pain and churn out a smooth smoothie for yourselves. 

3. Kratom fruit salad

Well, this one requires tastebud gallantry because you are going to hit the bitterness in between as you munch on the fruit pieces. Yet, a bowl of fruit salad infused with kratom can give you a power punch, especially when you add potentiators like grapefruits, mangoes, and orange pieces. Also, throw in some strawberries and chunks of apples and bananas. 

If you looking to use kratom for energy, this one is a must-try. 

4. Kratom in oatmeal

Most of us love our oatmeals. How about pumping this beloved meal with kratom? We suggest making kratom-infused oatmeal in milk so that you can tolerate the bitterness. Kratom blends well with dairy. Throw in a few nuts and seeds or berries for extra punch. 

5. Kratom tea

You may not believe it but a large number of people swear by their pure kratom teas! No additions, no mixing. They simply brew kratom tea and sip it. Some of them add sugar, while others brave the bitterness. 

After all, it’s not the taste that matters; it’s the ultimate effect. 
Kratom in Colorado is easily available at your nearest licensed vendors. Buy today and try the wonderful recipes.

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