Best Reasons to Start Blogging for your Business in 2021


A blog requires a certain amount and resource costs, and investments are often not immediately visible. With a competent approach, it can reduce advertising costs, attracting and retaining customers.

1. Blog is a place where customers can get updates of the company. 

Company’s today pay to grab the attention of their customers. They pay for the opportunity to convey their message to the audience, inform them about prices, discounts, and promotions. Budget for contextual advertising is allocated – and off you go! As a rule, for this money, you still find yourself in a situation where 90% of visitors leave the blog in 10 seconds because nobody wants to waste time looking at a beautiful but useless homepage. Work on your website and do SEO. Click to view detailed guide on blogging which will help to improve SEO on your website.

Customers need something interesting or valuable. Therefore, while allocating a budget for contextual advertising, ask yourself the question: is there at least one interesting reason to stay on your site?  

Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor to your site: Do you often read what is written on the front pages of hundreds of sites you have to visit? You need to understand that there is at least Facebook for your potential customers and the corporate website, where there are many exciting things. What is interesting on your blog (tariffs, prices, and CEO interviews don’t count)?

2. A blog is an effective investment

Ads will drive visitors to your site for as long as you pay. And people can consistently find a good blog post months, if not years later.

Give probable clientele a motivation to see your site, and you will need to spend less on attracting them through advertising. We calculated: for our clients, a good article pays for the costs of its creation within three months, overlapping the price of its preparation by the number of people who visited the site. Moreover, everyone who opens an article spends much more time on the site than those who click on the link.

3. Blog is best way to get ranking for site

Constant changes in Google search algorithms confuse SEOs and despair among their clients. Long-term investments of companies in buying links evaporated in one month, and sites disappeared from the first positions in search engines. It became clear to many that blog promotion is a very ineffective type of investment. Now what? Either start over or find a better solution.

There is such a solution – this is content. Useful, captivating information will bring visitors to you for years because search engines love blogs. Good posts that were published even six months ago still get readers from search engines every day. The best way to attract customers to your blog is to give them something valuable and exciting and not outsmart the search engines.

People return to sites with good content deliberately because they like it, not because someone messed up and brought it to the first page, searching for an area that has nothing interesting.


So to be updated for customers and Search engines, blogs play an important role. Using a blog, one can easily get an SEO ranking.

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
I am absolutely in love with writing and by working with News Whizz, I have developed a passion for it. It helps me to stay updated and know what is happening around the globe.


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