Management and Inventory Control of Your Demo Equipment


If you are in an industry that requires your company to have available demo equipment to hand, ready for dispatch, and fit for demonstration purposes round the clock, then you’ll know what a challenge it can be making sure that everything falls into place when you need it to. Thankfully, if you wanted to, you can use a leading specialist logistics company that provides numerous services in the logistics field to meet, and surpass their client’s expectations;

It’s all about trust

This is far from a cliché, some businesses are struggling to keep things moving and the money coming in. As such, when they employ a company to provide a specific level of service, then things absolutely have to go as planned. Any glitches could cost them dearly, especially if they’re already at full ‘mental’ and financial capacity. 

It’s refreshing to see that some companies like Rhenus High Tech make no bones about it, they make a point of tackling this area of potential concern right from the get-go. They themselves have years of experience and have been through a lot over the years, which is why they are able to empathize and offer reassurances that, if they say they will do something, it will happen as and when they agree to do so.

Your demo equipment, accounted for, ready to go, when you it the most

Nobody needs to confirm the importance of demo equipment that works, when needed, to any company that is reliant upon selling units on the back of communication and demonstrations. If a prospect wants you to go through a demo process with them, at their premises, on the day and, nothing is available to send out straight away then it could cost your business a sale. Some people simply don’t have the time to hand it around, even if it is for just a day or so. 

If you employ a specialist to manage your demo equipment, then they take ownership of the responsibilities that come with maintaining and getting demonstrations underway. Unless you’ve been doing this for decades and you have a kit ready to go, a moment’s notice, then the services described hold almost untold value when managed with the help of seasoned logistics vets, they should also have accreditations for the following, inclusive services;

  • Product delivery to the customer’s location on the same day and at the agreed upon time
  • Customer equipment is routinely cleaned and decontaminated
  • Patient information is no longer stored on medical equipment (helping customers comply with data security procedures)
  • Pre-staging and configuring of the product to satisfy the demo needs of a customer

Taking proper care of your most valuable assets

Businesses that already benefit from the external demo and inventory management use some extremely expensive, highly valuable equipment for demo purposes. So much so that, if there was a problem, buying a new unit could put their business in financial jeopardy, which happens more often than most people realize, you just don’t hear about it.

Business owners have too much on their plate as it is, which is a problem in itself because this level of service requires full attention and liability. If you own a business that uses demo tech then, you aren’t doing yourself or your business any favors keeping things ‘in-house’, get in touch with one of your nearest specialist logistics firms and get some proper assurances whilst freeing up your diary at the same time.

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