Three attributes of soft tip darts that make them stand out among other types


If you are a beginner at throwing a bullseye and you don’t know what type of equipment to purchase, read this guide to see the key characteristics of the soft tip options that make them stand out among other types. 

Key characteristics of soft tip darts

Before you can choose soft tip darts or the next throwing adventure, you need to make sure that soft tip days are really what you want. But are you sure you want to fit tip darts into a steel tip dart? Here are the different characteristics of these two types of darts that can sway your decision. 

Steel tip darts

Steel tip darts are some of the oldest types of darts used in the sport, going back centuries to being the first options ever used in throwing darts. Because of this, many dart throwers use steel tip darts as a sort of homage to the old-school dart throwing and nostalgia for times past. However, there are other characteristics of steel tip darts that make them desirable. 

Steel tip darts are heavier than other options, creating a higher chance of having more accurate throws at the board and a more intense groping. By being able to aim better, steel tip darts can increase the chances of getting high scores and a bullseye.

Furthermore, steel tip darts have a heavier and more durable construction, helping make the dart long-lasting and effective for consistent use. You don’t have to worry about this type of dart falling apart after a few uses. 

Soft tip darts

Although steel tip darts are durable, accurate, and have a history of tradition, soft tip darts are making a name for themselves in the dark world. Plastic soft tip darts are new to the sport, but they are gaining popularity – and for good reason. 

Plastic soft tip darts are molded using soft plastic, which can make them faster alternatives to steel tip darts. If you practice in areas where there are a lot of people, using soft tip darts can be a smart choice to keep everyone around you safe from errant darts. 

Furthermore, soft tip darts are compatible to use with digital dartboards. Digital dartboards are a type of electronic dartboard that has plastic holes and openings instead of the other type of material used with steel tip darts. If you use an electronic dartboard in a bar or game center, using soft tip darts is the way to go. 

In addition, using soft tip darts prevents the chance of damage to the surroundings of your home or where the dartboard is placed. If you have a dartboard in your house, you can avoid damage to your walls, furniture, paint, and much more if you use soft tip darts. 

The only downsides to using soft tip darts instead of other options are the lack of durability, the need to replace the soft tips more frequently than steel tips, and the darts being more prone to bounce-outs due to the lighter weight. 


If you are considering purchasing steel tip or soft tip darts, consider using soft tip darts. To keep everyone in your home safe, protect your surroundings, practice with a digital dartboard, and enjoy a lightweight dart, use soft tip darts for added convenience.

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