3 Tips for PEMF Therapy to Reduce Headaches


Headaches can be quite complex to understand. In fact, most headaches occur due to a combination of factors. Researchers do not fully understand what causes headaches. But it seems that they occur due to vascular, neurohormonal, and other structural changes in the brain.

There are numerous types of headaches. Some headaches are secondary to diseases. In some, headaches are made worse by anxiety, stress, and mental tension. Migraine is one of the most complex forms of headaches, caused by various neurological changes, and thus many would experience an aura before migraine headaches.

The pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) works in many ways. It stimulates the production of various hormones, alters signaling pathways, boosts regenerative processes. It may influence mood, too. Thus, PEMF may work for headaches of multiple origins. One may buy PEMF mats and other equipments at discounted rates at Healthyline.com.

Medications are not for everyone

One of the common approaches to headaches is immediately taking some painkillers. However, US FDA warns that medications are not for all. Thus, people should consider non-pharmacological treatments, too.

Some medications have severe side effects causing drowsiness, dizziness and may even cause various systemic toxic effects on prolonged use. No medicine should cause more harm than benefit. However, in many cases, they may cause numerous harms. Unlike, medications PEMF works to fine-tune body functions and does not have any severe side effects.

Medications may even cause so-called medication overuse headaches! It is now a well-known phenomenon and not a rare thing. It means that some individuals get analgesic rebound headaches. Thus, medications may help initially, but headaches may return even in a more severe form after some time. Increasing drug dosage is not an option in such cases.

Tips for PEMF therapy to reduce headaches

Researchers think that PEMF may help in various headaches, as it is known to boost regenerative processes, cause neurochemical, vascular, and electrophysical changes in the body. Thus, PEMF may be suitable for headaches made worse by cervical issues, tension headaches, migraines, and much more.

1.      PEMF to prevent headaches: It is perhaps the number one reason to use PEMF regularly. Most individuals suffer from episodes of headaches. These episodes may occur due to changes in mood, weather, mental stress, or even dietary changes.

In many cases, it is almost impossible to understand what causes these episodes of headaches and when they will occur. It is especially true for migraine headaches but also many other types of headaches.

It means that in such cases, taking medications every day is not an option, as pharmacological drugs would cause more damage than good. Nonetheless, people need to do something to reduce headaches and prolong periods of remission. In such cases, PEMF therapy for about 30 minutes or more for five days a week may ensure prolonged periods of remission.

2.      PEMF to avert headache attack: In many cases, individuals can predict episodes of headaches attack. In migraines, auras are common. Some individuals may have heavy-headedness, low mood, feeling of tiredness in the morning before headaches. Others may know the exact emotional issues or stress factors that cause headaches. In such cases, early use of PEMF may avert headache attacks. Moreover, even if headaches occur, they tend to be milder.

3.      PEMF for managing headaches: Finally, are those individuals living with frequent and prolonged episodes of headaches. Regular use of PEMF may cause some changes in the body that may help reduce the severity of headaches. PEMF may also be suitable for managing headaches made worse by conditions like cervical spondylitis.

To conclude, PEMF is a novel, safe, and non-invasive way of managing and preventing headaches. Moreover, it may help cause changes in the body, thus helping stay free from headaches for long, and in some cases, even forever.

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