4 Excellent Reasons to Take Up Golf


Have you ever wondered why so many people play the game of golf? Wherever you go in the world, you are never far from a golf course and here in Thailand, you have access to some of the best golf courses on the planet. We think that this ancient game is really quite addictive and most players would agree that they were hooked from the first time they connected sweetly with a ball.

If you had never considered playing golf, here are some excellent reasons to take up this amazing sport.

  1. Spend time in the great outdoors – If you work in an office and live in a city, playing a round of golf at the weekend brings you into the fresh air; one great aspect of golf is you don’t have to be a good player to enjoy the experience and playing an 18-hole course means walking around 7km, or you could buy a used electric golf cart from a leading Thai supplier. If you have a golf course near you, take a walk around and immerse yourself in natural beauty.
  2. Promote good health – Golf is one of those games that works out the whole body; ask any doctor about the benefits of playing golf and they will confirm this. Fortunately, Thailand is home to many beautiful golf courses, so there will be at least one that is within driving distance (pun intended). If you would like to try your hand at hitting a few golf balls, go to a nearby golf driving range and see how it feels; that might be enough to see you addicted to the art of hitting a golf ball.
  3. The challenge – When you play golf, you are pitting your talents against the course, as well as the other players in your group. The way the game is played involves par, which is the number of shots determined that a professional golfer would typically score. The short holes are par 3, while the average hole is par 4 and a long hole would be par 5. The par for an 18-hole course might be 72 and if, for example, you took a total of 80 shots to complete the course, then you have a handicap of 8, which is very respectable. A raw novice might take 100 shots, which means they are playing off a handicap of about 28 and using the handicap system, players of varying abilities can play together. Click here if you are interested in playing soccer, which is a bit more intense than golf.
  4. Spend time doing what you love – For many people, there’s nothing quite like an early Sunday morning round of golf, or you may prefer playing 9 holes after work. Life in the 21st century can be pretty stressful and when you have a hobby that you are passionate about, it is that much easier to get through the tough times.

We all need to take time out from our busy schedule and get involved in a healthy outdoor pursuit in order to have good health & well-being and playing golf is an excellent way to do just that.

Aryan Dev
Aryan Dev
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