A Guide To Using Credit Cards Wisely


Credit cards have a notorious image. A lot of misconceptions revolve around credit cards, and so there’s tons of confusion as regards the proper way to use them. Most of the time, people just straight out say: don’t use credit cards; pay through cash instead. While there are advantages to paying cash, there are cases when credit card payment might be more beneficial. 

Credit cards are not debt traps, as some people would put it. Rather, it’s a tool that can help you manage your finances better. When used properly, it can lead you to huge savings, and you can actually get a lot from it. If you still don’t have a credit card, check out our recommendations for banks that have credit card bonus offers

Basically, these banks give you a little bit of starter cash if you choose to work with them. In this article, we will take you through the list of items that you need to consider when using credit cards. Hopefully, by the end of this text, you should be a little bit wiser when it comes to credit.

Treat your credit as personal cash.

One of the biggest reasons why people get into credit card debt is that they carelessly use their credit cards to pay for lots and lots of things. They get too comfortable with using the money that they technically borrow from the bank, and in the end, they’ll act surprised at the amount that they owe. To address this issue, you need to learn to treat your credit as cash that you actually own. People tend to be a little bit more careful about the money that they own because they are afraid of losing what they have. If you do this, you’re going to be more cautious when using credit cards. Just because you won’t have to pay anything upfront doesn’t mean you’re not going to pay for it afterward. 

Technically, it is still your money that you spend when paying through credit. And so, when paying for things through credit cards, only spend what you can afford and limit your spending to the amount of money that you actually have.

Use credit payments for long-term assets.

The best way to make use of your credit card is to use to pay for long-term assets. Long-term assets are those that you expect to benefit from over the course of more than one year. This includes machinery, equipment, work computers, etc. Paying through credit allows you to spread out your expenses over the lifetime of the asset that you have acquired. Through this, you reserve the money that you have for paying for or buying things that are short-term or are consumable within less than a year. This is where most people get it wrong. A lot of us think that getting into debt is bad and that it should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, a lot of people advocate paying through cash, even for big expenditures. However, it is important to consider that cash is the most liquid asset that we have. It’s the most dependable, and it is the most universally applicable method of payment. Essentially, cash is most likely to get us out of trouble in case we run into issues. Thus, sometimes it’s better to hold off on payments and keep some cash with you in case of emergency.

Take advantage of credit card promotions, discounts, and offers

Banks offer credit card promotions all the time to try and incentivize their customers to pay using credit cards. After all, it’s one of the major ways that banks earn money. However, it’s not just them who can benefit from such an offer. In reality, it’s actually beneficial to us as well. This is especially true for more expensive items. On top of allowing you to pay for the cost of the item up front, banks also give you things like cash back on repayments, insurance policies, and other benefits. This is quite common for larger and more established banks as they tend to work with more companies for offers like these. If the timing is right, it can lead you to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your next purchase.

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