Instant Cash Loans help people survive in times of crisis. Everyone doesn’t have a privileged bank account with a six-digit balance all the time. Every individual is in the growth phase at some point, where they have to face many unpredictable circumstances or emergencies. As everything has become digitized, it enables people to avail themselves of loans immediately.

One doesn’t require a detailed explanation to get loans. Anyone who can pay back can opt for this type of loan.

Applicants can avail of Cash Loans LendDirect in simple steps. It doesn’t take months for verification and authorization. They can borrow an amount from $300 to $1200. It can be defined as borrowing funds and repaying them within three months, including a certain interest percentage. 


The process to take up instant loans is simple. Before availing of loans from any lender, it is essential to cross-check the agency to avoid fraud.

Once verified, the lender checks the application and the details of interest rates and analyses the capability to pay back the fund. It will just take 3 – 5 minutes to fill the form and submit it.

Eligibility verification – After submission, they will validate the customer’s net banking information with the in-house technology. It formulates the transaction history and verifies the recurring income, which marks the eligibility of a loanee.

Transfer of cash  – once the eligibility is approved, they will transfer the money in less than 60 minutes. Mostly the transactions are made instantly after approval to the loanee’s form.

These loans are real lifesavers. One can borrow money in a brief span during any critical scenario. Any individual of age 18 and above can opt for these loans if eligible. A person capable of repaying the loaned money is examined and accepted accordingly. This service can be availed online or through the kiosks facility. With the help of GPS, kiosks nearby can be located and utilized. Any amount rented has to be repaid within three months. These loans are further classified into different types, which are as follows.

  • Cash loans
  • Same day loans
  • Online loans
  • Quick loans
  • Fast cash
  • Fast loans
  • Small loans
  • PayDay loans


Time-efficient – It avoids the necessity to travel to banks, filling pages of applications, and waiting for days and months for approval. The application can be accessed online and requires only a few minutes to fill in the details. It is safe, secure, and time-saving.

Bank details – There is no regulation like other banks to submit any identity proofs or bank documents to the lender. Instead, the applicant for a loan is verified and analyzed with the in-house technology securely. Their regular transaction is surveyed for regular credits in their accounts, and if that is positive, the application is approved for availing the loan. All these are processed within a few hours.

Instant Transfer– once approved, money is credited to the applicant’s account. Bank to bank transfer may face some delay, sometimes due to server problems or errors.

Security – All the functions are secured and encrypted. There is no possibility of misuse or leakage of any personal information.

Repayments – The customers can select the schedule of repaying the amount inclusive of establishment fee and interest rate. They can choose between 1 – 3 months for repayments. Missing or skipping payments will add a fine, and the account will end up having bad credentials.

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
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