Best Known For Evony: The King’s Return, Top Games Inc.’s CEO David Guo Grants a Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Company’s Other Developments.


Top Games Inc., under the expert direction of gamer-turned-CEO David Guo, first burst onto the scene in 2016. The company did so with its mobile Evony title, The King’s Return. The King’s Return follows in the footsteps of previous, predominantly browser-based games from the Evony and Civony series, set in medieval Europe.

Yet, Evony: The King’s Return is far from David Guo and Top Games Inc.’s only mobile gaming title. The company is also responsible for developing the military war game Plague of Z and strategy-focused Mafia Origin.

Still, The King’s Return remains Top Games Inc.’s biggest success by some margin, Guo reveals. “It’s our biggest and best-known game to date by far,” he points out.

Evony: The King’s Return

The King’s Return sees Evony players build cities, train troops, and solve puzzles, expanding their empires in the process. Although now six years on from its launch, Evony: The King’s Return remains focused on being the hottest real-time strategy MMO or massively multiplayer online game of 2022, according to David Guo.

That’s thanks in no small part, he says, to the game’s exceptionally rich set of features. These features include access to a plethora of architectural styles and countless possible gaming strategies. That’s in addition to real-time voice discussion and text chat with auto-translation for worldwide gameplay.

Plague of Z and Mafia Origin

It’s not just Evony: The King’s Return that’s achieved runaway success either, according to Top Games Inc. CEO David Guo. Both Plague of Z and Mafia Origin have attracted strong followings, with each game earning legions of fans as a result.

Zombie siege title Plague of Z sees gamers recruit survivors, forming and leading an army in a mysterious, abandoned city. Meanwhile, the strategy game Mafia Origin is an experience rooted in honor and revenge. Top Games Inc. CEO David Guo says it’s ultimately up to players to decide how the game pans out in each play-through.

A focus on top-tier experiences is crucial, says David Guo

Going forward, David Guo says that Top Games Inc. will remain squarely focused on exclusively providing top-tier player experiences. It’s something that the Top Games Inc. CEO believes is crucial for the continued success of the company. That includes in terms of existing titles such as Evony: The King’s Return, Plague of Z, and Mafia Origin, as well as any number of sequels and new releases.

CEO David Guo suggests that with various new developments in the pipeline, Top Games Inc. fans should have plenty to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. “We’re working hard to focus on designing games from players’ perspectives,” he remarks, wrapping up, “and look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

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