Decor 101: Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room


Are you in need to liven up your living room space? Need more decor, colour and less drab for when guests visit? Here are some easy but classic ways to enhance the living room of your home!

Wall Hanging Or Standing Mirrors

If you’re more of a minimalist, and have a hard time choosing artworks and paintings to hang up on your walls, try wall hanging mirrors or standing mirrors as beautiful but practical decor pieces for your living room. Mirrors are a great way to make your space appear bigger and brighter. Try facing your wall hanging or standing mirrors to large windows or glass doors that open to balconies or backyards – this will allow blue skies and nature to reflect back, allowing more natural light to come through.  You may also add art pieces such as abstract wall art, big canvas art , 5 panel wall art , inspirational wall art etc.

Artificial Flowers & Plants

Choose artificial plants over fresh ones when it comes to adding greenery to your space for no maintenance at all. Not only do artificial flowers & plants allow you to save time but means you will not have an issue with pesky bugs that like to harbour real flowering plants. Whether you prefer potted plants, dried flowers, succulents or ferns, good quality artificial flowers are not only cheaper but will look perfect all year round.

Fish tank or an Aquarium

How about watching fishes of different colors swimming in an aquarium the whole day? An aquarium will let you create an ambiance that will keep you many steps ahead of your peers in terms of home décor. You can’t let the fish and the aquarium have a dark space to fit in.   To make it more unique and awesome, you can add a jellyfish aquarium with aqua illumination led on one of the sides in this room. This luxury living room design also combined with a wooden accent that you set as the divider. Choose suitable furniture inside. You can try to put a simple decorative plant decor in your sophisticated interior home design if you need more decoration.

Scented Candles

Love sweet aromas and scents? Try candles to adorn your coffee table, tv stand, desk or dining table. You can’t go wrong with candles in different shapes and sizes as classic and timeless decor pieces. Not only do candles provide calm atmospheric lighting, there is always a new scent to try out!

Statement Or Neutral Rugs

If your current living space is lacking warmth and colour, rugs in different shapes and colours are a great way to add another dimension to the room. Whether you opt for a bold vintage rug as a statement piece or a fluffy neutral coloured rug in grey, white or brown – your guests will feel more at home and cosy. 

There are no rules when it comes to creating your personal space at home – so be creative and be inspired by your surroundings. 

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
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