Everything You Need To While Growing Marijuana Outdoor


There are many things that Mother Nature offers to profound and seasoned outdoor marijuana cultivators. For the best harvest, marijuana cultivators require following an essential guide that gives them a great foundation. 

Growing cannabis outdoors requires the direct assistance of gardening tools, pots, soil, a hose, water, and an area receiving ample sunlight. Coming back to the topic, here’s presenting the nitty-gritty of cultivating cannabis outdoors.

  1. Planning the Garden

Will you start with clones or seeds? Deciding this will change the manner and timing by which the plants get introduced to the outdoors. Plants that grow from seeds are more vigorous and heartier than clones. The fact is that they produce a stronger taproot. For clones, it is impossible to replicate.

The vigor becomes advantageous while dealing with adverse environmental conditions. Additional attention is necessary for germinating seedlings. Besides, there’s a demand for eliminating the males before they start pollinating females and high variability in growth resulting from the genes.

When you decide to use seeds, always ensure that you buy them from popular places like DailyMarijuana products dispensary as they have the best quality seeds. Also, begin with them one month before starting clones. 

Whether you’re starting from clones or seeds, many cultivators grow their plants indoors to ensure they do not get exposed to adverse weather conditions. Extending the vegetative growth period indoors will also help increase the yields and enable grower time to choose the most effective plants that require moving to the external climate.

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  1. Embracing Mother Nature

Calling it a hardy plant to have adapted to different types of climates worldwide is not an exaggeration. It’s susceptible to crucial weather conditions. Whether heavy winds or excessive rain, an excellent exterior will also bring some challenges. But you can avoid them very simply.

All you need is to become intimately familiar with the local seasons and climate for producing high-quality marijuana. Learn the outdoor temperature to thrive the light’s intensity and amount, site, and optimal time.

Cultivars might vary, but the general thumb’s rule will remain intact. That stated, the daytime temperatures must range from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures over 88 degrees Fahrenheit or under 60 degrees Fahrenheit delay the growth. The plant is heat-tolerant, although extreme lows and sustained highs result in complications to kill it.

During the season’s first half, the usual daytime period will increase until the summer solstice. With the increase in daylight hours, the vegetative stage of the plant occurs. During vegetation, cannabis plants develop stems and roots that serve as a foundation for growth before flowering occurs.

Thus, it is imperative to plan the planting schedule and ensure the plants complete the flowering period before rain or cold.

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  1. Selecting the Appropriate Site

Choosing the right site for growing cannabis is a crucial parameter that affects the quality and yield of the plant. Northern Hemisphere cultivators must attempt placing the plants in the area with southern exposure. This will ensure the plants get the most sunlight. If the climate you reside in is exceptionally sunny and hot, you can shade cloth to prevent the plants from getting overheated. In cold regions, cement, brick walls, or natural enclosures may retain the available heat and keep the plants warm.

Whether or not you need to plan for rain entirely depends on the location. The rainy season gets aligned with the flowering stage’s end and the harvesting period’s beginning. It might not always happen.

Rain becomes detrimental to the flowering crop. Preparing for covering or moving the plants can also help ensure a fruitful harvest. When it rains on the plants, it is imperative to ensure that you shake off the excess water. This is because excessive moisture leads to mold formation, thereby ruining the harvest.

  1. What Media and Containers to Use

Quality soil is dark and rich in nutrients, and its texture is fluffy and light. The soil structure must retain water while allowing for drainage. The organic soil blends from local garden centers can be excellent. Seasoned growers always choose to blend their organic soil on their own. The soil should have a six pH level. 

As for the containers, always refrain from using clay pots because they are heavy and expensive. They retain heat that dries out the roots and soil. The most effective solution is using fabric pots, for they allow plenty of drainage and oxygen to reach the roots.

It requires a bit of preparation to plant directly into grounds or raised beds. Without the container that restricts growth, roots grow thick and deep. Also, it develops support for the strong plant. The surface area allows it to access a solid quantity of water and nutrients into the soil compared to the container garden.

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Wrapping It Up

So, these are the things you should know about marijuana cultivation. Make sure to research a lot before proceeding seamlessly. Besides that, avoiding all-in-one fertilizers is imperative because they are high in nitrogen. They may also damage the plant at their flowering stage and kill good microorganisms in the soil. You can use organic nutrient sources like bone meal, alfalfa meal, bat guano, kelp meal, dolomite, fish emulsion, as well as earthworm castings. 

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