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Do you like travelling to different places? Some people like to collect a piece of art, decorative items or something unique from that particular place as a memory and to decorate the house. If you too are fond of such a decorative collection, don’t feel bad that now you can’t travel. The best part is you can sit at your home and collect the showpiece from a wide range of the collection available online. These decorative pieces will add a piece of art to your homes and will reflect your personality. They become the focal point in the living room and attracts guests and visitors. Apart from that, they define the room as adding style and valour to the living space making it lively and fulfilling.

If you have guests at home, they become conversation-starter. If it is going to add so much ambience to your room, start your collection today by selecting from the wonderful designs that are available. Some of the amazing designs include-

  • Wooden showpiece- These are made by carving the wood and creating beautiful designs out of it. These also display the traditional and cultural aspect of India’s customs. This masterpiece is available in different colours, size shapes and patterns. Pick up the one that blends with the décor of your house and make your home classy.
  • Metal showpiece- These are made with metals like wrought iron and brass. They are available in immense varieties and patterns like floral, spiritual, peoples and places, automobile wildlife etc. 
  • Decorative showpiece- These are available in unique designs and are eye-catchy. Display them to grab attention.
  • Clay showpiece- These are made with clay. And natural art is made on it by using organic colours. It adds new appeal to your living space with its impressive designs. They are available in different colours and size.
  • Designer showpiece- This will add class to your home with its amazing designs and antique collections.
  • Wall hanging showpiece- These add a modern contemporary style to the home.

Use these piece of décors in your home and impress your guests and visitors. 

Door curtains add so much colour and style to our homes with their wonderful patterns and textures. Use them to make your home elegant. Apart from that, they have so many functions. They are-

  • They block direct sunlight from entering our homes.
  • They offer privacy.
  • They are used as decorative accessories for homes.
  • They help in the conservation of energy.
  • They complement the décor of our house and enhance its look.
  • They offer a soothing effect to our space.

It is essential to consider few things while choosing curtains-

  • Choose the fabrics like linen, silk and velvet which gives an attractive look and also is long-lasting. It is easily washable and requires easy maintenance.
  • Select appropriate colours which will help add to the décor of the room. Choose bold colours to add life to the room.
  • Place these curtains a little higher to add a dramatic look to your home.
  • If you want more sunlight into your home, choose sheer curtains which will allow enough light into the living space.

Collect your choice of things that will go well with your interior and also spread refreshing vibes making your home look charming.

Aryan Dev
Aryan Dev
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