Glashutte Original Watch: 5 Ways To Spot Authenticity


We all know that every brand gets a replica from other parts of the world even without the original owner’s permission. Some of them make imitations that are cheap but of poor quality. Unless we know how to spot a fake one, we might be victims of these false items. The same goes for luxury watches. Many are trying to make lower-class wristwatches using the name of prestigious brands.

Glashutte Original is one of the luxury watches that have marked its name in manufacturing extraordinary timepieces. Their traditional ways blended with modern movements to come up with excellent watches. It is not far away from others fabricating its replica for a cheaper price. In this article, we list down some tips on how you can pinpoint if the watch you purchased is authentic. 

Glashutte’s Trademarks

Before we learn how to see through a fake luxury watch, let’s talk about the trademarks of Glashutte Original Watches. You might be able to spot the difference between an authentic and fake Glashutte watch if you know the distinctive features of this fantastic watch brand. 

1.Swan-neck mechanism

The Glashütte movement’s Swan-neck fine adjustment mechanism consists of an index and a steel spring. They work together to control and optimize the timepiece’s accuracy. The balance cock is screwed onto the spring, which pushes against the index.  You can change the indicator according to your desired rate by turning a screw set into the watch’s side. The spring produces the required rotation to precisely adjust the indicator.

2.Three-quarter plate 

Since 1864, it has been used in Glashütte craftsmanship. It occupies three-quarters of the movement’s surface and all of its components, such as the spring barrel and escapement wheel. The watch’s sapphire crystal case back allows easy viewing of the Three-Quarter Plate. Enthusiasts of fine watchmaking admire the intricate precision and complex production needed to assemble these stable movements.

3.Panorama date display

The Panorama Date Display on Glashütte Original models makes them stand out. The mechanism is stunning, with large black numerals on an ivory background at 6 o’clock. Unlike other date displays, the intriguing Glashütte date mechanism is shown on two concentric date discs that sit on the same level rather than on a single disk. As a result of using two discs instead of one, the date display is broader and more consistent. The Pano models from the renowned German Manufactory illustrate the sophistication of the Panorama Date display.

4.The stylish look

One of the trademarks that only you can find in Glashutte is the striped finish. It acts as an adornment to the movements. The rotor, wheel bridges, and cocks get ribbed stripes during production. Another thing is hand-engraving. The manufacturing people of Glashutte never use a pre-stenciled pattern. Thus, each minute space, the cocks, and balance have distinctive hand-engraving. You’ll also be amazed at overlapping circles of pearl shapes that are hand-made for surface embellishment, also called perlage.

How to spot an authentic watch from a fake one?

Sure, you want to buy an authentic luxury watch like Glashutte Original. Of course, we are talking about expensive watches, so it’s best to know the actual value of what we will purchase. After all, we are going to spend the very least of 6-digits upon owning our dream timepiece. Below are some points you must find out before you decide to buy.


Look for the overall appearance of the watch. Is it polished? Does it have scratches? How about the engravings, are they correct? These are just some of the features that you need to check to know if it’s authentic or not. The label, most of the time, gets misspelled by imitators. Find out if the markings nearly fade out. It is pretty apparent, too, if you will look at the color of the wristwatch as they are entirely different from the original.


Branded watches have adornments such as diamonds and heavy metals, so they must be pretty heavy. The ultra-small moving parts also keep a luxury brand a bit hefty. A low-class wristwatch won’t weigh that much and is easily worn out because they use fake metals that are lighter.

3.Stamps/Model and Serial Numbers

Authentic watch brands have stamps around their whole body. The model number and the serial number are also evidence of an original watch. Check if these stamps are original. How? The web is vast, and all information is almost available, so for sure you can find it there. Search for the name of the watch brand and look for the number and location of those stamps.

4.Bracelet and Sapphire Crystal 

The bracelet of a luxury watch brand must glide smoothly onto the wrist. Check its flexibility and durability as you try to wear it. Its bracelet’s clasp commonly has two stamps. Search online for the details about these stamps.  The top of the watch is made of sapphire crystal that no other ordinary watch can have as they use glass or mineral crystal top. Try to angle the watch, and you will notice that the sapphire crystal shines with a violet tint, indicating it’s genuine. 

4.Price and Packaging

A luxury brand such as Glashutte Original won’t settle for a cheap price, that’s for sure. Search for the right price online, even their second-hand watches. Regarding the packaging, it’s not a question that an expensive watch brand will pack their precious watches in a good quality package or box. It comes with warranty and information docs inside the package.

Final Thoughts

Glashutte Original always aims to produce exclusive timepieces as they only release a few pieces yearly. So it is already an edge to find out what is fake from not. Another thing to assure you of authentic watches is to buy only from reputable sources or authorized dealers. As mentioned above, all information is available on the internet, so you can search online. Look for good reviews to ensure you are dealing with a legit seller.

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