How Does Kratom Affect Your Testosterone Level?


Kratom is a natural herb that was discovered in South East Asia. There is still a lot of research going on in this field on how kratom affects your health. The most recent research going on in this regard is the relationship of kratom with testosterone. Many users have a question in their mind that does this natural herb really affects your testosterone level?

Before moving further, you need to know that testosterone is a hormone that is most commonly associated with the sex drive in men. Women have this hormone in moderate levels, while men are rich in having testosterone. Let’s find out more about it. 

Does kratom affect your testosterone levels?

Kratom might be responsible for either boosting or lowering the testosterone levels in a human. There are various factors that determine the boost or drop in the levels of testosterone. Kratom offers innumerable natural benefits, but everyone reports different results. This is because every user has a different technique of consumption, different amount of dosage, and comes under various age groups, to name a few. 

Still, a significant number of people reported that kratom enhances their testosterone levels. And those who claim that it made their testosterone level drop are found to be sufferers of opioid-induced androgen deficiency. 

Relationship between testosterone and kratom

Kratom can help get you relief from chronic pain and can give you the relaxation you want after a tiring day. But recently, kratom has been found to have the power to balance hormones. Different kratom strains like organic kratom green Maeng Da may positively impact the testosterone level in men. 

Multiple users reported that using this natural herb is quite helpful in increasing their libido levels or sex drive. As per an experiment, the users who found their testosterone levels decreased with kratom were given advice to lower their amount of kratom dosage. As a result, more than 90% of them found their sex drive back to normal, and some even saw an increase in their testosterone levels. 

Keep the dosage to moderate to experience fun in your sex life. 

Hormonal effects of this natural herb

Kratom does not show any hormonal effects. There is no evidence that supports that kratom strains like green kratom powder cause hormonal disbalance. If you are a beginner in the world of kratom consumption, you don’t have to worry anymore. Moreover, this natural herb comes with a minimal risk profile and provides many other health benefits apart from enhancing your libido.

To sum it up

Kratom is a natural herb that grows amidst dense tropical rainforests. Consuming it comes with multiple benefits for the users. Whether you are experiencing pain, insomnia, or want to increase your focus, there is n number of reasons for taking kratom powder. Don’t forget to try it in a small amount and then gradually increase your dosage as each body react differently to the same supplement. Try and try until you find the right dosage and let it do wonders for your health.

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