How To Dress Up For A Corporate Event: 101 Solutions For Men


Working in a corporate life means interacting with the same people every day. This could be a little boring until you get the chance to go to a corporate event. That’s the time of the year when all the colleagues come together to celebrate their hard work or the success of the company. Everyone dresses up well to showcase the different side of their personality that doesn’t serve the 9 to 5. Be the one that draws all the eyes towards them and stuns the people around. This is a great chance to show who you really are. But for that, you need to stay classy. In this article, you will find the exact ways of looking dapper at a corporate event.

Stunning Suit & Tie

The most important thing to wear during a corporate event is none other than a suit. The way you dress up carries a lot of weight. Corporate event means looking professional and radiating an aura that everyone will be fascinated with. A good suit set can be great for looking amazing starter pack. Buy a shirt that contrasts with the colour of your suit. One can even opt for dress pants along with flowy shirts as it’s a bit less formal but equally impactful. Yet it is recommended to try on a suit because you don’t get enough instances to look that great. If it is within a close business, then you can dress up a little less formally. Either of way, a well pressed shirt is required. Along with that, use a tie or bow tie to accentuate your look by miles. 

Polished Shoes

It goes without saying that shoes create the first impression. That’s why keep your eyes on the best shoes which are perfect for your look. Chelsea boots can be a good choice as they are elegant yet edgy. But before anything, make sure to polish them perfectly. Dirty shoes are a big no for corporate events because people of high prestige will be present there. Don’t let a stained shoe affect your reputation. Show how well-prepared you are by keeping your shoes squeaky clean. Also, skip wearing sports shoes or sandals for such events. Wear something which does not invite the spotlight but rather blends with your outfit. Shoes are the key to better esteem, that’s why keep them perfect. 

Much Needed Accessories

One thing about dressing up is the importance of accessories. You need to pile them up to achieve the ideal style. In this aspect, there is more than one thing that you need to own. The list begins with a basic black belt. Wearing, one can add that correct cinch to your waist, which looks like an outfit blocker. Next, wear some rings or bracelets to add bling to the basic colours. All these depend on your preference, but there is one accessory which is a must wear. It is none other than a watch. Wearing a watch can elevate your style without much effort. Smarter people might select smartwatches in place of analogue watches. Only the top smart watches can induce that excellence in your flawless outfits. 

Smell Good With Perfume

A bad smelling person is never invited to good places. Hence, even after a long business meeting, smells good. A shower is not the only solution, but you should use perfumes that stay for long hours. Wearing the perfume on your pulse points is recommended as it stays there for longer hours. Also, carry a pocket sized perfume along because you never know what situation might arise. Smell fresh like a flower by sprinkling the aromatic delights on your clothes rather than your body. The smell of any deodorant, perfume or mist stays longer on clothes. Use deodorisers, talcum powder and antiperspirants to feel awesome even after a long corporate event. Remember to smell like success by choosing the perfumes that are applicable to the vibe you emit.

Sleek Hairstyle 

Last but not least is hairstyle. Your hair can literally change the way you look. For special official events, it is advised to wear your hair up. Style it with gel so that it stays in place and looks clean. No one would like a shabby looking employee to represent their company. So, go for a sleek hairstyle to impress your boss, colleagues and even yourself. Comb it back and show your forehead to look mature. This will certainly affect the way you talk and the power you create. 


As a takeaway lesson, always stay in style and let your fashion sense reflect your real self. Don’t shy away from standing out from the crowd because of deserve that applause for being awesome!

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