How to Identify the Probiotics Supplement that’s Right for You


Your large intestine hosts trillions of bacteria. The gut microbiota plays numerous roles in the body, including digestion and boosting immune health. Some microbiota are pathogenic, while others fight the disease. 

For good health, you need a balance between good and bad gut bacteria. Note that suboptimal gut flora allows the entry of unfriendly microbes that disrupt the balance. Probiotics target and restore gut health.

Probiotics are good bacteria similar to those found naturally in the body. There are numerous probiotic products in the market containing a variety of bacterial strains. However, getting the benefits is based on choosing the best probiotic. Some of the known health benefits of probiotics include:

  • Reduces the effect of stress
  • Ease bloating and occasional gas
  • Ensures a healthy skin
  • Boosts immune system
  • Ensures a healthy bowel
  • Helps maintain a healthy female urinary tract

Probiotic bacteria compete against the pathogenic flora for the bacterial binding sites in the intestinal lining. One way of enjoying the benefits associated with probiotics is through taking the right foods. The foods potentiate the growth and proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Some of the recommended foods include Kimchi, pickled vegetables, miso, and yogurts.

Understanding the Probiotic Species

Most probiotic supplements contain freeze-dried bacteria in the form of powders, tablets, and capsules. If you turn to the label, you will see a list of ingredients.

For most patients, getting the right probiotic is baffling. There are numerous beneficial bacteria, and some of the most common are Saccharomyces boulardii, Bifidobacterium, and Lactobacillus.

How to Tell Probiotics are High Quality

For any supplement, quality is vital. Most commercial brands do not have the right technology to detect a specific strain and its quantity in a given dose.

It is a good indication when a manufacturer uses particular strains used in clinical trials at a dose similar to that used in the study. It is one of the ways of guaranteeing the effectiveness of a probiotic.

Note that the specific number of organisms in the probiotic supplement has an expiry. As previously stated, probiotics are living organisms and may die if the supplements remain in the drug store for a long time.

Hence, companies have to produce probiotics with higher colony-forming units. Most commercial brands are unstable in the stomach acid. In addition, when moisture gets into the supplements, it reduces their efficacy.

Probulin Women’s Health Probiotic is tailored specifically for a woman’s needs and body demands. This urinary tract infection probiotics and vaginal flora provide targeted but broad-spectrum support to the general digestive health. Probulin is gentle enough to be used daily. In addition, the probiotic boost vaginal health. V-Luxe probiotics will help with BV and maintain vaginal health in women.

How to Use

As an adult female, take one capsule daily with or without food to support your digestive health. Better results are observed when the probiotic is taken at bedtime.

The women’s probiotics are shelf-stable. Hence, no need to keep under refrigeration after opening. Before taking any medication or supplement, you should consult a healthcare provider.

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