How To Save Big A Home Depot


If you love Home Depot as much as we do, you’re probably keen to learn how you can save money on your next trip. 

Home Depot is the perfect place for a shopping trip if you’ve got big plans for your home. You get can your hands on just about anything for home improvement and DIY projects, so it’s no wonder why so many people love the place. 

Sadly, the old Home Depot 10% moving coupon is no longer, but there are still plenty of ways to save money. 

Know your market 

Like a lot of stores, Home Depot prides itself on its bargain prices. They’re so confident, they offer a low price guarantee, meaning they aim to beat any other retailer’s price by 10%. If you keep an eye on the market – either online or in-store – you might save yourself a pretty penny by finding a lower price elsewhere. All you have to do is show them the cheaper price, and they’ll match it for you!

Check the local ads, coupons and special buys

To make it easier to score yourself a deal, Home Depot publishes their local ads for you to browse online. They list everything that’s available in your area, as well as providing customer reviews. The Special Buys Center also gives you the chance to grab a steal on thousands of discounted products. 

As for coupons, you can always find Home Depot Coupons online or in the paper. You just need to know where to look. 

Take advantage of financing

The Home Improvement megastore offers interest-free financing for orders over $299 –which is perfect if you’re tackling a home renovation or finally getting around to installing a new bathroom. What’s more, signing up for the financing account often has its own incentives. Home Depot sometimes offers new users a monetary discount on their new order or a free voucher when they sign up. 

While this might not save you any money, it does help you keep DIY projects within a monthly budget. 

Labour Day labels

One of the best times to shop at Home Depot is Labour Day. You’ll often find the lowest prices available for appliances around Labour Day which can save you a pretty penny. Similarly, low prices for washers, dryers, and cookers typically fall into September, October, and January. This is in line with manufacturer releases too, so if you choose last year’s edition, you’ll have an almost up-to-date appliance for a discounted price. 

Rent it

A great way to save money and space at home is to rent tools rather than buy them. Because how many times are you really going to use a chain saw? Home Depot offers a rental scheme where you can rent just about anything. Everything from pressure washers, paint sprays, and even a truck for all your rentals can be rented with a small deposit and an hourly or daily fee. Once the job is done, you don’t need to clutter up the garage with never-to-be-used-again equipment. Plus, it’ll work out much cheaper than buying each item yourself.

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
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