Hydrogen, a Specialty Gas and Its Various Applications


Hydrogen (H2) is the first element present on the periodic table. Hydrogen is a flammable, colourless, tasteless, and odourless substance. There are many uses for hydrogen. It is produced by isolating it from water and petroleum derivatives. It is made by heating gaseous petrol with steam to frame a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide called syngas. After that, it is separated to produce hydrogen. 

Many companies, like Coregas, are present across the world that offer hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a specialty gas and an energy transporter that can be used to store, move, and convey energy delivered from different sources. 

Hydrogen was discovered in 1766 by Henry Cavendish. The name is derived from the Greek “Hydro”, which stands for water, and “gene”, which stands for forming. Hydrogen is tasteless, light, and reacts effectively with other compound substances making it an important reactant for the synthetic and oil businesses.

Modern Applications of Hydrogen 

  1. Aviation and Defense 

Hydrogen is mainly used in the aviation industry. NASA started utilising hydrogen as rocket fuel in the 1950s, and it was the first to utilise hydrogen cells to power the electrical systems on spacecraft. Hydrogen is well-known for its tendency to produce lower emissions. 

  1. Public Transport

Hydrogen cells are being used in various modes of public transport such as buses and trains. Many cities have successfully implemented it. Chicago, London, Vancouver, and Beijing have successfully implemented hydrogen-powered buses. Germany is the first nation to implement hydro-powered trains. New models with the latest technology will be coming up in Britain, France, the USA, South Korea, and Japan in the next five years.

Hydrogen that is utilised in fuel cells will produce electricity directly onboard a vehicle with an engine. These vehicles release only water and are known as zero-emission vehicles. 

Primary energy is utilised to produce hydrogen. Few such examples of primary energy include some renewable energy sources, oil, carbon, coal, and natural gas. 

  1. Agricultural/ Chemical Industry 

Hydrogen is an important raw material that is utilised to make ammonia(NH3). It is also known as azane. It is an essential element in fertilisers that are used in agriculture. Ammonia is economical, and it is an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

  1. Petroleum Industry

Hydrogen is an essential element in processing raw petroleum into refined oils such as gas and diesel. It also eliminates the impurities like sulphur and is helpful in methanol creation.

  1. Welding 

Oxyhydrogen lights, which are utilised vigorously in welding, are powered by a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. By taking care of these gases step by step, a hot torch is made that can melt steel.

Hydrogen is the lightest element that is present on the periodic table. It is the most abundant compound that is present in the universe. Hydrogen can be delivered from an assortment of homegrown assets, like gaseous petrol, atomic force, biomass, and sustainable force like solar power and wind. These characteristics make it a fuel alternative for transportation and power generation applications. Hydrogen is utilised in vehicles, in houses and has many more applications in our day-to-day activities.

Nowadays, hydrogen fuel is produced through various techniques. Natural gas reforming (a thermal process) and electrolysis are the most common techniques that are being used. Apart from these few other techniques that are used are solar-driven and biological processes. This specialty gas is widely considered a promising fuel for the future because of the environmental friendliness and easy availability.

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