Kayak or Paddle Board: Which One Should You Rent


Exploring nature at your own pace, going deep into the hidden shoreline and crevices of banks, and watching wildlife swim and play – it’s all part of what makes kayaking and paddle boarding so magical. 

Kayaks and paddleboards are both very versatile in where they can be used – and both are perfect for the local waterways. So, the question we often hear is, “Should I rent a kayak or paddleboard?”

The good news is that you can now rent a kayak in Melbourne, FL, and rent a paddleboard right from our convenient location.

Why Rent a Kayak in Melbourne, FL?

Kayaking is often confused with canoeing, but the hobbies are very different. When kayaking, you sit low in a seat with your legs stretched out and use a double-bladed paddle. This form is extremely popular in small water vessels, waterfronts, and lakes because the kayaker can easily maneuver and control the pace. 

Due to the position of your body in a kayak, you must have upper body stamina to guide yourself along the water. Kayaks are great for open water voyages and for those looking to move a little faster throughout the water.

If you’re looking to explore the local waterways without having to make a big investment, rent a kayak in Melbourne, FL.

Why Rent a Paddle Board in Melbourne, FL?

Paddle boarding is still a relatively new concept that is quickly growing in popularity. A standup paddle board (SUP) is completely different from a kayak because you’re standing on the board, using a single-bladed paddle to maneuver. 

Kayaking requires stamina and a certain level of strength, and while the hobby is certainly easy to learn, it will take time for your body to adapt. On the other hand, Paddle boarding only takes patience and balance, making it best for beginners and children. 

Many of the activities and adventures you can conquer on a kayak can also be conquered with a paddle board. Often, people will rent paddle boards for a softer ride and for sports where having a height advantage over the water is best.

Which One Should You Rent?

It’s no surprise that we have the best location on the Indian River Lagoon. We’re surrounded by many islands that offer everything from relaxation and cruising to fishing and exploring.

Kayaking and paddle boarding are both popular hobbies in this area, and people from around the world come to us to rent a kayak in Melbourne, FL, and a paddle board. If you’re wondering which is best for you, here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide.

Kayaks offer onboard storage, stability, speed, and comfort that allow paddling for long distances and in colder conditions. Paddle boarding provides ease of use, accessibility, and freedom of movement that allows for sightseeing and warm weather paddling. 

While each piece of equipment is unique in its own way and to the user, both are perfect for connecting with nature in our local area.

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