Productive Hobbies Entrepreneurs Should Get Involved with to De-Stress


How often do you take time out of your busy work schedule to dedicate time to de-stress and relax? For many entrepreneurs, self-care is not high on the priority list because it is not profitable, not does it drive an income. However, if you believe it is about time you discover a new hobby that is not only productive and enjoyable, but also an excellent way to de-stress, look no further than this article. Entrepreneurs need time out too. 

Why You Should De-Stress 

According to studies, there are psychological health benefits from reducing stress, including improved sleep and a reduction of anxiety and depression. When you take time for yourself and dedicate it to a hobby you enjoy, you are not only using your time in a productive manner, but you are also giving yourself the chance to spend time alone and de-clutter your mind of any thoughts and feelings you need to let go of. This stress reduction process is important for anyone who needs time out to reflect and start afresh. 

Choosing A Hobby 

An important part of finding a hobby you enjoy, is parallel to finding an activity which gives you deep satisfaction. Your idea of a fun hobby may be completely opposite to another person’s, which is to be expected. Some people find it highly soothing to meditate each night, while others would prefer to run. 

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a hobby:

  • What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?
  • Do I want a hobby I can enjoy alone or with other people?
  • What activity can I include into my routine?

Hopefully, as you read down this list you will find an activity that will instantly stick out to you, that you may be interested in perusing. 

Lego Building

Did you know, there is a strong community of adults out there who are devoted to all things Lego building? Well, it is not surprising when there are many psychological benefits you can achieve from stacking plastic bricks. According to studies, building with Lego improves concentration, encourages lateral thinking and enhances a person’s ability to solve problems, which proves that Lego is not just for kids. In fact, there are many industry professionals who dedicate their spare time to building Lego enterprises, including Michael Savage of New Canaan, CT who is the CEO of a multi-million-dollar virtual accounting firm. 

Painting by Numbers

If you are more of a creative person, painting by numbers is a brilliant way for you to produce beautiful art, while boosting your concentration skills and strong eye for detail. Not only that, but painting by numbers is ideal for anyone who is looking to peruse art at a beginner’s level, as you do not need to be a talented artist or painter to produce high-quality work. 

If you are unfamiliar with painting by numbers, it is essentially a kit you can purchase which provides a pre-drawn piece of art, paint and paintbrushes. The drawings indicate areas to paint, as each area has a corresponding numbered paint to use. Painting by numbers is useful if you do not already own any art related materials, as each kit comes with everything you need. 

Daily Exercise 

One of the most overlooked ways you can be productive with your spare time, is by exercising. Whether you go on a morning run or have a fun fifteen-minute workout during your lunch break to divide the day up, exercise is proven to have many health benefits which is good news for your stress levels. According to the Mental Health Organization, just ten minutes of brisk walking per day increases mental alertness, energy and promotes positivity. According to a recent American survey, 43 percent of adults say they exercise to manage stress. 

Other forms of exercise you could include in your daily routine are:

  • Running around the field with your dog
  • Going on a bike ride
  • At home HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout

Journal Writing

How often do you keep a physical note of your day-to-day life, whether that is related to your work responsibilities or your time at home? Keeping a journal is a fantastic way to keep in tune with your thoughts and feelings, while spending your spare time productively. 

Solving Puzzles 

Whether you are partial to a jigsaw puzzle or solving Rubik’s cube, the brain will always appreciate being tested, and puzzles are a great way to do just that. There is research that suggests puzzles can provide stress relief, as focusing on one task can encourage your mind to feel more peaceful and relaxed, especially if your day-to-day life consists of the hectic duties of an entrepreneur. The sense of accomplishment when you finally crack a puzzle you have been working on for a while, can also feel quite euphoric. 

Mathematic Equations 

When it comes to entrepreneurs, you will either enjoy working with numbers or you do your absolute best to avoid them. If you enjoy playing with figures, mathematic equations are the perfect way to test your mathematic abilities and to enhance your problem-solving skills, which is highly admirable for anyone working in business. Math does not have to be boring, get your friends involved and make it a competition. 


According to a study by the University of Sussex, reading can reduce stress by up to 68 percent, and works faster than most other relaxation techniques such as listening to music.

A commonly held thought on reading is that a book enables you to enter a different world, or universe, without having to move your feet because your imagination does all the travelling. When you dive into a story about something you are interested in, whether that is within the romantic genre or sci-fi, your mind almost forgets about your own life as you find yourself deeply involved into somebody else’s. 

Not only is reading an excellent way to de-stress of an evening, but it is also an effective way to build on your vocabulary and your decoding skills; advantageous for any entrepreneur looking for self-improvement. 

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
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