The 3 main reasons why bongs are better than bowls for getting big hits when browsing around a smoke shop!


If you are unsure of what method to try for ingesting cannabis during your next session, you may be comparing the pros and cons of each apparatus. Do joints produce the best high, or do you want to try dab rigs? After all, there are many types of dab rigs, such as mini rigs that can increase the portability of cannabis.

However, for those who want smooth and big hits that are sure to get you high with little effort, the debate is in question between bowls and bongs. Both poul;ar smoking methods among regular cannabis consumers, each method has its own pros and cons when compared to other ingestion options. 

Bongs purchased from The Freeze Pipe are great because they’re fun to use and you can share them with other users, they provide smooth hits, and they provide an intense flavor that lasts the entire hit. However, bowls are more discreet and easier to hide, more transportable than bongs, and they come in different shapes and sizes for various personalities.

Let’s see the main reasons why bowls are actually better than bongs for producing the biggest hits!

3 reasons why bongs are better than bowls for big hits – purchase a bong at a nearby smoke shop!

Some people prefer bonds over bowls! Although bowls are convenient and easy to use, bongs produce big hits that are great for advanced users. The material that makes up a bong is glass or silicone, with some less common options being ceramic or metal. When you hold a bong, make sure you hold it with two hands for extra caution, since this apparatus is delicate and hard to handle with one hand. 

The main difference between bongs and bowls is that bongs are much bigger. They are typically more expensive since they have more moving parts, but you also have the freedom to personalize this apparatus with different sizes and designs. 

Much more intense high

One of the benefits of using bongs over bowls when smoking marijuana is the ability to get a much more intense high with less marijuana.a this means that you are getting more bang for your buck and you are getting high with less product being used. Therefore, you have the ability to purchase a bong, mariuan flower, and then use less flower without any waste. 

Filtration levels to get rid of any extra particulate

The other benefit of using bongs or bowls for advanced users when buying apparatuses from a local smoke shop is the filtration abilities. Bongs can filter out 95% of carcinogens and harmful toxins that would otherwise be inhaled through bowls or joints. Instead, bongs can filter out harmful particles that would hurt your lungs and overall health.

Upgraded with other pieces and add-ons

The final benefit of using bongs or bowls when it comes to buying your next apparatus at a smoke shop is the ability to add-on new pieces. You can customize your bong by choosing new percolators or slides!


When going to a smoke shop for a new purchase, consider purchasing a bong over a bowl for smoother hits, more intense highs, higher filtration levels, intense flavor, and the potential for upgraded and personalized pieces!

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