What are the factors that affect individual health insurance premium costs?


Health insurance is necessary for individuals who want to get protection from high medical costs. Insurance companies offer different types of health insurance plans for individuals to ensure more benefits. However, it is wise to evaluate them properly to choose the right one accordingly. At the same time, some factors will influence the premium costs of health insurance for individuals and one should know them in detail. This will help a lot to choose a plan which exactly suits the requirements of individuals. Having health insurance gives ways to reduce high medical costs on treatments and other expenses. 

Factors that influence individual health insurance premiums 

1. Age

Age is the most important factor that can impact the costs of individual health insurance premiums. This is because insurance companies will fix amounts based on age. Elder people have to pay more when they want to buy a policy from a company. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an insurance plan at a younger age which will help save money to a large extent. 

2. Past medical history

Past medical histories play an important role in deciding the health insurance premium rates. It will increase for those who suffer from illnesses and pre-existing diseases. At the same time, the premium rates may decrease for people who live a healthy lifestyle.

3. Occupation

Jobs that are having high risks carry high premium rates and individuals should study them with more attention. For example, a person who is working in a construction site or factory has to pay more because the risks are high. Occupations that are having high risks carry high premium rates which result in high expenses. 

4. Policy type 

Insurance companies will fix health insurance premiums based on the policy type and one should know the details before investing money. Anyone who wants to buy a plan with critical illness cover has to pay more that will result in high expenses. Hence, it is important to compare the costs before buying a health insurance policy for individuals. While picking a plan, policyholders should know the category details which help select the best one. 

5. Body mass index

People who are having a high body mass index (BMI) should pay more while buying a health insurance plan. This is because high BMI can lead to major complications such as diabetes, heart diseases, liver problems, etc. Anyone who wants to purchase a policy should undergo a health check-up for knowing the BMI. Another thing is that it gives ways to select a plan which fits the requirements of an individual. 

6. Lifestyle 

Smokers have to pay high premium costs because the risks are high. Similarly, consuming alcohol and tobacco products will result in health complications. A policy buyer should mention their lifestyle because it makes feasible ways to get high compensation. Most insurance companies will charge premiums based on the lifestyle of policyholders. Smokers and alcoholics should pay more when they want to choose a plan. 

7. Location 

The location also affects the premium of a health insurance plan and many insurance companies fix premiums based on rural and urban components. A new policy buyer should aware of them before purchasing a plan that will help make the right decision. The rules of state or municipality can influence the premium due to competition levels. 

8. Policy duration 

Policyholders have to pay more for shorter duration and less for long duration. Those willing to buy a new policy should consider choosing a long duration which paves ways to reduce high expenses. 

How to calculate health insurance premiums?

While buying a health insurance policy, individuals should calculate the premium amounts with a calculator. Nowadays, several online calculators are available for new policy buyers and they can determine the premium rates by entering certain details. They include age, location, policy type, income, occupation, etc. The primary advantage of a premium insurance calculator is that it provides ways to plan finances easily. It allows new policy buyers to estimate the premium amount before buying a policy. Besides that, one can calculate the premium quickly with a calculator that will help meet essential needs. 

Where to buy the best health insurance for individuals?

To buy the best health insurance for individuals, one should read reviews and testimonials of companies that help get more ideas. New policy buyers should compare the premium prices online which gives ways to select the right one at the best prices. Care Insurance is a leading insurance company that offers a variety of plans for individuals at affordable prices and one can select them based on his/her needs. The company provides health insurance plans with several benefits that will help overcome the financial burden. Besides that, it enables a policyholder to ensure high protection from critical illnesses and other things which lead to financial losses. 

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