What is eLearning development?


The development of professional training programs in the format of e-learning is more than just creating a platform for e-learning, it is creating an environment for managing the learning process and obtaining knowledge and information using information and telecommunication technologies. Therefore, the development of training programs involves the generation of integrated learning. The most important element in the development of training programs for staff, students, course participants, trainings is the creation of a learning management system (LMS).

TOP Reasons for e-Learning Software Development services

They are:

  • The process of storage and distribution of materials is optimized. Organizes effective sharing of training materials.
  • A comfortable environment is created for managing personnel training and certification.
  • e-Learning Software Development services of vocational training programs are a way that allows you to get a comprehensive educational product that not only feeds, energizes the business, and brings it to a fundamentally new level.

E-learning tools are becoming more and more popular. After their introduction, it became easier for users with no programming skills to develop e-courses.

 In comparison, without a tool, e-Learning Software Development services can spend weeks or even months creating different versions of each course. Let’s say one for a PC, one for a laptop, one for a tablet, and one for a smartphone. And it will display the same on them.

 Technology changes over time, e-Learning Software Development services are constantly adapting to growing needs. But one thing always remains the same.

 There is no better tool that suits everyone. This is influenced by various factors. This can be your technical expertise, available budget, the required level of interactivity of eLearning courses, its quality, and so on.

Developing eLearning courses is a profession, even a combination of professions, including pedagogical engineering, art and design, writing, programming, project management, and so on. Everyone needs to work together, in an organized and coordinated manner. Team members need to know what is expected of them and when to get the job done. They need to understand the strengths and limitations of e-learning and the basic principles of good teaching and learning.

Interview: „Deutschland ist in Sachen E-Learning ein Entwicklungsland“ -  eLearning Journal Online

 Of course, every professional has been a beginner at some point and everyone has their first project. Robin’s team can learn everything and succeed even with the first project (just like you), but it is difficult if there is no one to guide you if there is no time to learn and correct mistakes. Experienced professionals would quickly identify the many problems in the situation and find the right approaches and precautions. Even if something is overlooked, they always have effective solutions at the ready. Most beginners get lost and start rushing about in search of a way out. Their projects fail, sometimes irrevocably. But don’t despair.

What is the e-learning development process?

While the approaches that professionals use to design and develop online learning experiences vary widely, it is common that the process is systematic and repetitive. It also goes through the design and prototyping stages to show and/or test ideas.

 This is followed by some development, such as writing texts, tests, instructions, discussion questions, and so on. In e-Learning Software Development services there is time for production, which involves creating multimedia materials and lessons using development tools.

 Typically, e-learning development results in a set of one or more training activities or modules. In addition to standard learning elements, the developer can get creative and make learning more interactive and fun.

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