Why cat6 plenum cables are faster and better in areas with airflow


Do you need faster processing speeds? Do you want to increase performance? Do you want to double the bandwidth? We have the solution for you here! 

Benefits of cat6 plenum cables 

If you have set up your home office before or you have installed bulk network cables, chances are you have heard of cat cables. These types of cables are meant for high processing speeds, reliable connections, and fast speeds. However, there have been numerous changes to cables over the years. In the past, the cat3 cable was the best option – now we are seeing cat6e cables, cat6a cables, cat6 plenum cables, and cat7 cables taking the world by storm. But why do cat6 plenum cables reign king when it comes to processing speeds, durability, and enhanced performance?

Basically, cat6 plenum cables are cables that have an extra pair of cables that makes them highly proficient with internet speeds and networks. One of the best attributes of cat6 plenum cables is the compatibility of being able to work in tandem with old cat3 or cat5/5e cables. 

Another factor that makes this cat6 plenum cable stand out among the rest is the very high level of bandwidth when compared to the cat5 cables. By protecting against outside damage, it also enhances the durability of the outside plenum coating of this type of cable. The plenum coating helps to provide plenty of circulation, cooling this cable off when it is used in areas with little airflow. The ventilation and air circulation lead to less chance of heat build-up, less chance of catching on fire, and less chance of short-term durability. 

Why should I use cat6 plenum cables?

If you’re still not sold on why you should use cat6 plenum cables in your home office, here are the main benefits of why you should purchase this option instead of other ethernet cables. 

  • High speeds – one of the main reasons why people choose cat6 plenum cables instead of other choices or their home office or workspace is the high speed and performance attributes. Unlike other cat cables that do not support high bandwidths, the cat6 plenum cables can withstand 250MHz, 10 GB ethernet, and gigabit connections. 
  • Enhanced performance – the second reason why cat6 plenum cables are beneficial instead of other cable options is the increased performance benefits of these cables. Compared to cat5 cables, the cat6 cables offer double bandwidth and support higher processing speeds.
  • Upgrade options – the last reason why you should consider using cat6 cables instead of cat5 cables is the upgrade options. This means that if you want to upgrade your cable network, you can freely install cat6 plenum cables instead of keeping your slower cat5 cables. 


If you are debating whether or not purchasing cat6 plenum cables are worth the price, it is worth it! Instead of cat5 cables, with slower processing speeds and less durability, the cat6 plenum cables are designed for long-lasting use, performance benefits, and durability in mind. With the ability to withstand double the bandwidth of cat5 cables, these cables are great for those who need fast processing speeds. 

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