Why texting services for churches can help increase attendance on Sunday mornings


If you are interested in spreading the religious word, you might be looking into a new outreach method to get more people to come to worship with you, spread the word to other religious believers, and increase the number of people who attend your church on Sunday mornings. But how can you do this? If the traditional emails, flyers, adverts in the newspapers, and magazine ads are not working, you need to use new technology to be able to reach out to a new group of people. 

Benefits of using texting services for churches to increase the number of people in mass!

There are numerous benefits to using texting services for churches to include those on subscription lists, receive donations, provide daily devotional programs, and provide updates about services. 

Use subscription lists

One of the main benefits of using texting services for churches is the ability to formulate a subscription list. When you come up with a list of dedicated parishioners who are loyal to your church and your service, you can create a subscription list of the most loyal people to sign up for. With this subscription list, you can send deals, advice, guidance, and other important information that only those in your church will appreciate. By using a subscription list, you can ensure that the constant church go-ers are rewarded with special information, deals, and other information that can make them adhere to going to church. 

Receive donations

The second benefit of using a texting service for the church is the ability to receive donations by texting and via digital methods, if you can set up a texting receiving service to pay by text or pay by online apps, like Venmo, churches will be able to receive donations from their parishioners so they can stay afloat. With these donations, churches can pay their staff, fund any renovations that are needed in the building, and pay for other materials, like new Bibles or new community areas. 

Daily devotional programs

The third benefit of using text in services for churches is the ability to create devotional programs that can be sent to the subscription list with your subscribed users, you can send devotional programs so they can feel like they are in church even when they do not have the time to make it to mass. If you find that people are too busy to come to church every day – which is the case for most people who have full-time jobs – you can provide them with some extra spirituality by using daily devotional programs. 

Updates about services

The final benefit of using texting services for churches is the ability to add any updates or get current service times. If you find that there is an issue with the priest and they cannot make a certain time, you can use a texting service to update the time so everyone in your church knows the change of schedule. 


Using texting services for churches is a great way to stay connected with your parishioners, get new people to come to church, and provide freebies to your loyal church go-ers! 

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