Why Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are the Perfect Gift


In this modern age of Xboxes, online gaming and whatnot, it’s nice to settle back to the more classic parlor games. But, especially during the pandemic, it’s a breath of fresh air to spend some leisure time on an indoor yet offline activity like solving jigsaw puzzles. Not only is it fun, cerebrally stimulating and yet simultaneously relaxing, you’ll also be giving your eyes much-needed rest from gadget exposure. Here’s why you should settle for wooden jigsaw puzzles.

  1. Although somewhat pricier, a jigsaw puzzle set made of wood is sturdier and of higher quality than its cardboard counterpart.
  2. Wood undoubtedly possesses that rustic and classic element. Therefore a jigsaw puzzle made out of wood makes a fantastic gift idea and appeals even to not-so-avid fans of jigsaw puzzles.
  3. The whole family, from Grandpa to the baby, can relax and safely enjoy a long afternoon of poring over a challenging puzzle game. High-quality wood puzzle pieces being sturdy as they are, even the inevitable baby’s chewing on them will not destroy their potential heirloom quality. If you intend to include the youngest member of the family in your lazy afternoon puzzle time, then best choose bigger-sized puzzle pieces that pose no potential choking hazard.
  4. Since wooden jigsaw puzzles are generally sold in bigger and thus fewer pieces, then piecing them together is quite an accomplishable feat for the very young, the very elderly as well as those who have relatively poor eyesight. In other words, these can be enjoyed by both advanced and beginner puzzlers alike.
  5. The durability and rustic appeal of wood jigsaw puzzles make them a great heirloom idea. Since all family members can enjoy them during leisurely summer afternoons in the parlor as a way to spend time together, they can truly make a memory-filled family heirloom with precious sentimental value.
  6. If you’ve had your fair share of regular jigsaw puzzles in life, then you probably already know that puzzle pieces are wont to go missing at one point or another, no matter how keen you may be in keeping things in the right order. With wood puzzles, however, losing the pieces is a bit more unlikely. And even if you do lose a piece or two, finding them is easier to accomplish since they are bulkier and more conspicuous. In other words, it’s hard to miss feeling a missing wooden puzzle piece stuck somewhere underneath or between your sofa cushions.
  7. Wood puzzles are wonderful tools for dexterity, whether for a very young child or an older patient undergoing physical therapy. Compared to regular jigsaw puzzles, the bulkier pieces of a wood puzzle can be grasped more easily and comfortably, promising a more relaxed and less challenging affair.
  8. Immersing yourself for a few hours in a jigsaw puzzle is a great exercise for mindfulness. Choose an image design to melt your stress away, and regular puzzle time will prove to be a wonderful escape from online stress and worries. Passive TV watching or aimless online surfing can be dulling at times. A brain-stimulating jigsaw puzzle is a nice reprieve from the overwhelming bottomless pit of recycled information and redundant news found online.

Wooden jigsaw puzzles are also an excellent addition to your coffee table for the entertainment of guests and visiting family relations.

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