3 Steps on How to Use a Cupping Set by Yourself to Recover from An Injury!


Cupping therapy is a type of alternative medicine in which plastic, silicone, or glass cups are positioned on your skin to create vacuum suction to promote healing and health. Cupping therapy will promote the loosening of the connective tissue and soft tissue, adhesions, and scarring, moving stagnation and boosting circulation and lymphatic flow. The traditional, simple method of therapy shares the advantages of muscle relaxation and deep tissue massage, without hefty fees or dedication to hours of therapy time.

Before You Start

Whether you are a curious bystander, working professional, or high-profile athlete, you can enjoy the multitude of benefits that cupping therapy offers.

Before walking you through the simple techniques of cupping therapy to transform your digestive health, stress relief, post-workout recovery, and much more, you should get a cupping set of your very own in the Source Fitness store. If you have managed to survive without your own therapy cup set, we are here to help you choose the best set, once you are ready. Here are 3 steps of how to use cupping set by yourself to recover from an injury:

Static Cupping Therapy

Static cupping involves getting a cupping set, then placing it in one area, without any movement. Before you start, add water or any kind of lubricant – one which does not rapidly absorb into the skin – to the space you want to cup. Compress the cup to create a vacuum suction. Leave cups on your skin for three to five minutes, beginning with three minutes for session one and slowly increasing the time. If your cup pops off, just reposition then re-apply to your skin. You might use the static cupping method multiple times per week for up to ten days and take a break.

Flash Cupping Set

After buying a cupping set, flash cupping involves the repeated release and placement of cups on your skin. Squeeze your cup to create vacuum suction, position on your skin, then release and repeat. Do flash cupping rounds for around fifteen minutes per area on your body. Flash cupping may assist in relieving sinus pressure and congestion. It is fantastic for deep tissue release to minimize the pain of cupping massage.

Dynamic (Massage/Gliding Cupping)

Dynamic cupping, using a cupping set, involves the sliding or gliding of cups across your skin. Apply a quality lubricant or oil for dry skin or apply on wet skin using soap or body wash in the shower. Compress your cup to create a vacuum suction. Glide your cup in an up-and-down, circular, or zig-zag motion. Finish off the technique by draining toward your lymph nodes. It’s safe to do dynamic cupping one to three times a week, for about 5 to 20 minutes. To restore your levels of energy, take a break.

Even though it is tempting to immediately hop into the shower after a cupping therapy session is complete, it is better to wait. Instead, permit the skin the time needed to recover. After a couple of hours, you are in the clear for a fast shower. It also is important that you remain well hydrated after you cup, to help your body flush out toxins.

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