12 WFH Tips to Stay Productive and Less Stressed


Our life has changed more in the past year than it ever has. From working from the office to working and living at home, to attending Zoom meetings all day, the change was sudden. Staying productive amid the umpteen distractions of home is the biggest challenge of all, especially when your kids’ indoor activities drive you crazy. This is why we have curated some quick hacks and tips that will help you maintain productivity levels and stay stress-free, while also keeping you engaged with your kids.

Choose a proper setup

A great way to boost your productivity when working from home is choosing a proper workspace. Most people find it difficult to focus on work because of the level of comfort at home. This comfort can often lead to a decline in your productivity and focus. You must make sure to create or set up a workplace that is not too comfortable and can help you stay focused and active without slouching.

Plan consistent working hours and breaks

A great way to boost productivity when working from home is planning consistent working hours and breaks. Keep track of how long you are working and take scheduled breaks every day. While completing the task on time is essential, taking breaks is just as essential for productivity.

During the breaks, you can plan fun activities that your kids and even elders can enjoy. Try looking for kids craft ideas, online hobby classes, and general fun activities online to make the best use of your break time.

Make right food and drink choices

Another tip for staying productive when working from home is making the right food and drink choices. Remember not to overdo certain highly processed foods. Try to avoid consuming foods with extra sugar and fat. While coffee might seem like a solace from the hubbub of life, remember that overdosing on it is not a solution. Instead, try to find alternative ways to stay active. It is also essential for you to focus on getting a good night’s sleep so you don’t depend on coffee too much to boost your performance. 

Have a routine

Routine is the key to making working from home a success. You must realize that the better you plan your day, the more efficiently you will be able to complete your daily goals. A routine also helps in grounding your mind and gives you enough time for rejuvenation. Yoga, meditation, and hobby classes are good ways to stay active and have a good time even after working. Alternatively, you can also participate in fun activities online to stay fresh and creative. 

Plan fun activities 

To stay productive and stress-free, plan some fun activities during your break. Fun activities will give your brain a real break from work, thereby increasing productivity. It will also give you a way to be happy and focus on yourself and channel your creativity. Try making DIY crafts, or if that’s not your thing, attend hobby classes online to learn new things. 

Use online training methods

Working from home can be a great way to learn remotely. So, sign up for online training to learn new skills and advance in your career. You can also attend online hobby classes to continue your learning. 

You can also find some hobbies to do online and fun activities online with Yellow Class.


Working from home doesn’t have to be distracting and boring. You can make your days a lot more fun by adopting these small tips as part of your routine. Because at the end of the day, it is the small things that matter.

Aryan Dev
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