6 Common Causes of Hair Loss


Hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, during pregnancy or menopause, prolonged stress, or nutritional deficiencies are the main causes of hair loss, thinning, and thinning hair. However, hair loss is also a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Listen to your body more to know what the cause needs to be fixed.

Who Is Prone To Hair Loss?

Hair loss can affect only the scalp or the entire body (alopecia). The cause of a lot of hair loss is often genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or unwanted drug effects. Anyone can experience hair loss. However, male hair loss is more common than female hair loss.

Some people prefer to let their hair loss happen naturally, without treatment, and without trying to hide it. Others may cover their bald head with wigs, ornaments, hats, or scarves. However, a lot of others choose one of the treatments to prevent hair loss and restore hair growth like

 Scalp Micropigmentation New York.

The following people are often at high risk for hair loss, including:

In the family, someone has baldness, it may be a relative of the father or mother;

  • Advanced age;
  • Lose Weight Fast;
  • Have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and cutaneous lupus;
  • Experiencing a lot of stress.

Many cases of excessive hair loss due to age factors, leading to baldness. Heredity is the most common cause of this condition.

Nutrition Deficiencies

The hair-nourishment process requires a lot of nutrients to have strong hair. However, in women, it is very easy to be deficient in blood and important nutrients such as zinc, iron, protein due to menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth or not eating enough. When the nutritional content is inadequate, the hair germ cells are deprived of nourishment, lack vitality, weak hair growth, and easier to fall than usual.

Nutrient deficiencies, especially vitamin H (Biotin) and vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) are the main ingredients for strong hair growth. Hair is only really strong if it is provided with adequate nutrients from the blood vessels inside the body. Therefore, if you want to adopt a vegetarian and vegan diet, remember to supplement with the above nutrients. You can also combine them with catalase supplements, which prevent hair from turning gray prematurely.

Hormonal Imbalance

Not outside the law of nature, the hair also gradually shows signs of aging and age. This causes the hormones estrogen and testosterone – the red thread throughout the body, which greatly affects and determines the growth of hair, also decreases. This is the reason for the condition of the hair to be tangled, split ends, broken, and turned silver. These signs are most prominent in postpartum women, perimenopause, or middle-aged men.

Drug Treatment

In addition to taking on the responsibility of healing the body, the elements of the drug can affect the hair growth cycle. The effects of these drugs have inadvertently “stolen” the nutrients that nourish the hair, or changed the hair growth process, causing hair loss to come and create a vicious cycle that has not stopped this disease has come. Other diseases.

Some treatment drugs often cause this unwanted effect such as anticoagulants, immunosuppressants, antiviral drugs or psychoactive drugs, etc.


This not only causes hair loss but also accelerates hair loss. This also stimulates the body to release the telogen effluvium which gives your hair a break ahead of time. Prolonged stress can also make the immune system out of control, causing white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, causing hair loss.


Hereditary hair loss is only seen in men, women are not affected. This means that when a father has male pattern baldness, his son inherits the inheritance. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is dominant, so boys born sooner or later experience hair loss to varying degrees.

Poor Blood Circulation Or Quality

Traditional medicine also appreciates the role of blood when it is conceived that HAIR is an excess of BLOOD (blood), nourished by blood. The CAN (liver) is the place to store and regulate the amount of blood in the body. On the other hand, blood is produced by semen, and semen is stored in the kidney, so the kidney is the cause of hair growth. Therefore, oriental medicine believes that bad blood – poor blood circulation is the cause of hair loss, premature graying of hair.

Modern medicine also proves that 95% of the nutrients absorbed by the hair are brought by the blood vessels under the scalp. Therefore, blood-related diseases affect the hair growth process.

Is There Any Solution?

The following are useful methods for you to overcome hair loss and strengthen the resistance of hair and scalp to be healthier and stronger.

Full Supplement Of Nutrition

Women can prolong the “life” of their hair by ensuring a nutritious diet, supplementing with vitamins and minerals to balance hormones in the body. Taking care of hair from the outside with products such as shampoo, conditioner, steam cream, conditioner only has an external effect. In fact, 95% of the nutrients are absorbed by the hair from the blood that nourishes the hair under the scalp. Adequate nutrition will play a big role in the formation of strong, smooth hair, less breakage.

Visit your doctor for a blood test and diagnosis of vitamin and mineral deficiencies to supplement more fully and properly. You can also support your nutrition better with supplements that help replenish your body, but remember not to overdo it!

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

This habit is common among women. When you have just washed your hair, the pores are still open, the hair follicles are still wet, and the hair is easy to fall out. You should dry your hair and wait until the hair is dry to start brushing. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush, gently detangling instead of brushing hard, which can damage the scalp.

Stress Control

Always keep the spirit of happiness, optimism, comfort. Try to sleep early before 11 pm, get enough sleep. Staying up late is also the cause of hair loss. Listen to soft music before going to bed to relax your mind and fall asleep more easily.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery for both men and women who want to improve the contour of their brows, lips, eyes, and other features. The same thought process is transferred to the scalp, as the smudge-free hair loss treatment lasts for years, helping people with alopecia or hair loss regain confidence and self-esteem.

Having that said, scalp micropigmentation is a common non-surgical hair loss therapy in which natural pigments are applied to the scalp’s dermal layer, giving the appearance of a shaven head, making it an excellent hair loss treatment.


Micropigmentation of the scalp plays a role not only in men, but also in women who suffer from hair loss, hair loss and other genetic hair diseases. Together with your doctor, they will choose a hair dye to hide blemishes. Hair loss can be a devastating blow to self-esteem and lead to anxiety, social isolation, peer pressure, or other mental health issues. A vertical circle begins to rebuild your confidence. The aim is to point out the problem and fear of rejection if the cause of the hair loss is genetic or accidental burns. SMP New York is the best option to solve your problem.

Scalp micropigmentation helps people who suffer from various forms of hair loss, such as lupus, cancer, burns, and other hormonal changes that can lead to hair loss during pregnancy. every customer who works with them. With Scalp Micropigmentation you don’t have to worry about hair loss.

We hope the above information has somewhat helped you find a cure for hair loss. If you’re experiencing hair loss or baldness, do not hesitate to talk to a Scalp micropigmentation specialist today!

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