3 Tips in Buying the Perfect Stairlift


A time will come when you will notice your grandparents are having a hard time going up and down the stairs. Even if they say that they can still use the stairs on their own, it will be hard for them to do it as easy as before when they were still younger. It may be time to find another alternative to help them use the stairs without a problem. 

The best option you have is to install a stair chair lift that can help them go down and up the stairs with ease. You can find many elderly people that are utilising stairlifts because of how efficient they are. If it is your first time buying a stairlift system, you need to follow a few tips to help you purchase the perfect one. 

1.Ask for Advice

Before looking for a company that sells stairlifts, it would be best to talk to a healthcare professional to learn what type of stairlift your grandparents need. Healthcare professionals can give you expert advice on what type of chair or how many seats cushioning your grandparents need for the stairlift. 

Getting professional answers can help you decide which stairlift type they will need. Another method of getting advice is to talk to friends or family members that already have a stairlift in their homes. They might be able to recommend a proper stairlift, saving you more time hopping from store to store. 

2.Know the Style of Your Staircase

The next tip is to determine the shape of your staircase. Doing so can help you choose the stairlift that will work efficiently on a specific staircase design. Some examples of staircases are:

.Straight Staircases

It is the most common staircase found in most homes with a second floor. Installing a straight stairlift is the most obvious choice since the stairlift only goes in one direction. The straight stairlift is also the most cost-effective stairlift system that anyone can buy. 

.Curved Staircases

Some houses have a curved staircase, so a straight stairlift system will not work here. Curved staircases need a curved stairlift because it is specifically designed to transport the chair on a curved surface. In most cases, the curved stairlift system costs more than the straight stairlift system. 

.Outdoor Staircases

An outdoor staircase would usually refer to the porch or your backyard patio. Outdoor staircases also have fewer steps, which is why there are outdoor stairlift systems. The outdoor stairlift system also has sturdier and more durable parts because it is constantly exposed to harsh weather elements. 

3.Keep in Mind Your Budget

The most crucial part when finding the perfect stairlift system is to know if you have the budget to purchase the right one. As mentioned a while ago, a straight stairlift is the cheapest option out of the other two, so it should be no issue for you to purchase it. But if you plan on getting one of the other two, you may need to increase your budget if you want your grandparents to use a convenient and comfortable stairlift. There is nothing better than seeing them use the stairs without having difficulty or looking tired. 

Since you now know several tips on looking for a stair chair lift system, the last thing you need to do is find a reliable stairlift supplier. You need to find a company that supplies quality stairlift if you do not want them to break when your grandparents are riding them suddenly. 

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