The Real Perks of Car Sun Shades Revealed


Toyota was hailed as Australia’s favourite carmaker in 2020, based on the company’s strong sales in the latter part of the year. A report from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) revealed that a total of 204,801 Toyota vehicles were sold at the end of the calendar year. But those who purchased their cars must also buy aftermarket accessories like Toyota car sunshade to protect them from the harsh elements. 

Some people think that sun shades are nothing but bizarre accessories that they placed in their windshields. They believe that it is just a piece of glorified tin foil used all over Australia during the hot summer months. But in fact, there are plenty of benefits that you and your car can get by using a Toyota car sunshade. 

Real Perks Of Using Car Sun Shade

Aside from ensuring that your car interior remains at a comfortable temperature, the windshield sunshade for your Toyota car can also offer other useful advantages. It includes:

  1. Letting you touch the car’s steering wheel without burning your hands. 
  2. Ensuring that the expensive steering wheel cover will not fade. 
  3. Letting you sit comfortably in the car while wearing shorts or mini skirts. 
  4. Protecting the car sear from tears and cracks. 
  5. Shielding your car stereo from excessive heat. 
  6. Keeping the quality of the dashboard so it will not bend in the areas where it should be kept straight. 

All in all, car sun shades are meant to preserve the integrity of the car’s interior while ensuring your total comfort when driving during hot summer days. 

How Do Car Sun Shades Serve Its Purpose? 

The usual car sun shades look like a thin, frail sheet of foil and foam. But this simple car accessory uses science to protect the car from excessive heat. 

When the sunlight enters the car, some of its energies are reflected out as visible light. This type of light does not have any impact on the interior temperature of the vehicle. However, the remaining light that enters the vehicle gets absorbed by the different materials inside the vehicle, including the dashboard, steering wheel, and car seat. Since the energy cannot leave the car as a form of visible light, the sunshade will reflect the rays to lessen the energy absorption. 

Sunshade Styles to Choose From

There are plenty of windshield sun shades in the market today. To help narrow down your selection, here are several sun shade styles that you can match with your current needs. 

  1. Foldable Custom-Fit Sun Shade – This type of car sunshade is made to protect your interior from harsh damages due to harmful UV rays. With the help of this item, you may never need to worry about the fading, cracks, and wear and tear on your vehicle’s dashboard or upholstery. It can also help keep your cockpit comfortable and cool despite the weather. 
  2. Roll-Up Custom Fit – The customised roll-up sun shades are more portable and handy because you can roll them up easily when you need to store them. It is also easy to install, which is perfect for those who are always on the go. 
  3. Accordion – If you want a Toyota car sunshade that will always stay in place and have more room for storage, you can get the accordion-style shade. It fits most cars, including SUVs and sedans. 
  4. Universal Roll-Up – For those who want an affordable yet working car shade accessory, you can look for a universal roll-up car sunshade. Its versatile design makes it fit in most vehicles in the market. 

Buying a car sunshade for your Toyota vehicle is one of the aftermarket investments that you can make your money’s worth. With the help of this essential car accessory, you will be able to protect the car’s interior despite the hot weather.

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