5 Tips To Live In The Present


A lot of experiences come rushing at you all at once when you get to a specific age. You may either be stuck in the past romanticizing some things or people you may have lost. It’s tempting to also doubt what the future holds for you. Fixating over the past, future, and by extension, anything you can’t control can affect your overall health and wellness. The best way to live life is to be present, facing the realities and experiences life affords you head-on. Here are five tips for living in the present. 

1. Be Grateful For What You Have Now

Living in the present moment means making gratitude for the small things a priority. First, focus on the things on your plate, not what you’re yet to receive. Constantly fixating on the things you don’t have means you are taking the things you have for granted. For instance, if you appreciate getting quality sleep and improving your performance, you’ll be more responsible for mismanaging time and stressing yourself.

For this reason, an individual who prioritizes gratitude can be more critical in checking with health experts if their sleep decreases in quality. There are various sleep remedies like cannabidiol (CBD) that you can consider. CBD products come in various forms, and you can find some of the best CBD gummies online. However, be sure to consult with a doctor before consuming as there aren’t enough studies online to support the effectiveness and safety of the herb.

2. Be Mindful Of Multitasking 

Multitasking has its perks. It feels like a convenient way to get more done when pressed for time, but we often ignore its adverse effects on our performance and ability to focus on tasks deeply. Constantly juggling tasks and thinking about different commitments can adversely affect your level of awareness.

The less awareness of yourself and what goes on around you, the easier it is for great moments and experiences to pass you by. The human mind is a constant chatterbox. It’s tempting to check your phone while dealing with a midblock after spending long hours on a task. In such situations, take a break, recharge, and rededicate your attention to clearing that task off your desk. 

3. Be Prudent With Your Expectations 

A lot of life’s disappointing experiences and heartbreaks stem from setting our expectations too high. Making uninformed guesses about things you have little control over can overwhelm you. Often, you’ll find yourself living the expected versions instead of facing your realities. Learn to practice acceptance. It calms you even in turbulent situations. 

4. Meditate 

Meditation forms a huge part of improving awareness of yourself and your surroundings. The major hindrances to mindful living are stress and mental clutter. If you have a lot on your mind, your attention is limited, and your ability to appreciate life as it happens is cut short. Meditation can be a great way to detach yourself from stress and unorganized thoughts. Mediation, described as the state of nothingness, stills the mind, helping you to see issues from an unbiased position. 

5. Spend Time With Your Support System 

The people who make you happy and worthy should be atop your list of the things you commit your time and energy to. Spending time with people who are appreciative and supportive of your efforts can increase your outlook on life, giving you a lot of present moments to live for. Generally, mindfulness or living in the present is synonymous with leading a stress-free lifestyle. 

All in all, these tips can be a great guide in leading you to incremental efforts on this new journey.

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