7 Furniture That Can Complete the Look of Your Patio


Due to the increasing number of COVID cases, the government still imposes quarantine restrictions and safety precautions, such as wearing masks and social distancing. If you don’t have any important business outside, then you must stay at home 24/7. But sometimes, the feeling of isolation and loneliness can get the better of you. You might feel tired seeing the same four corners of your living room. If you consider the view of the sunlight and landscape therapeutic, then why not convert your outdoor space into a beautiful patio? In this way, you can receive the right amount of vitamin D without increasing the chances of becoming infected by the deadly virus. If you don’t know how to transform a monotone and boring space into a true oasis, then start by purchasing the right pieces of furniture. Below is a list of patio essentials that you must buy!

1.Iwicker outdoor storage box

This Iwicker is an outdoor cushion storage that you can also use as a comfortable bench. The material used to manufacture it was a waterproof woven paneling. Therefore, even if you forget to place it inside of your house when it rains, its quality will not deteriorate. To make its appearance more inviting and softer, its sides are curvy like the icing on a cake. When placing the cushion in the storage, you only need to lift it up. Purchase it now from Storables.com to keep the cushion whenever not in use to avoid wear and tear.

2.Classic Montlake Chaise Lounge cushion

This Classic Montlake Chaise Lounge cushion is a must-have for backyard lounging because of its semi-firm, 3-inch foam fill that can provide you utmost comfort even in a reclined position. It comes with ties on the bottom allowing you to attach it to a chair. In terms of the color of the cushion, you can choose from beige, chamomile, grey, and seven others. It is fade-safe, hence you can expect that its color will stay the same even after months or years of use. Besides that, it can withstand extreme weather conditions as its cover is water and stain-resistant. The manufacturer used double-stitched construction and bound interior tin crafting the cushion to ensure that it can last for several years. You can have this cushion for as low as $114.99.

3.ASKHOLMEN dining set

The ASKHOLMEN dining set has two versions. You can choose the one with only 2 chairs and 1 small table if you have limited outdoor space. With this option, you can create your own oasis for only $69.00 The other version comes with 4 chairs and 1 long table perfect for larger spaces. It is more expensive with a price tag of $129.00. Choosing either of the two will give you a place to lounge outdoors, feeling the breeze in the air while enjoying your meals. The materials used for this furniture are sustainably sourced acacia which contains a high density of wood fibers. It makes the dining set durable and sturdy. To maintain the quality of the product after many years, you only have to re-stain it regularly.

4.Wade Logan Castelli Rattan Sofa set

If you are fond of inviting your friends over to your house, then this one is perfect for you. It can provide comfortable seating for up to 8 people. No one from your circle of friends will feel out of place for not having a place to sit in. To add to this, you no longer have to source additional chairs from your living room. This Wade Logan Castelli Rattan Sofa is eight-piece furniture set with a coffee table, two chairs, and two ottomans. All of the seating pieces have cushions for optimal comfort. You can also change the cushion covers if they don’t match the theme of your patio. Wood frames are rust and UV-resistant making the furniture stand the test of time. Since this sofa set contains almost all the patio essentials, it has an expensive price tag. The price ranges from $3000 to $3400.

5.Greyleigh Hallsville Bar Set

This Greyleigh Hallsville Bar Set is highly functional since its rectangular table is complete with shelf space where you can store all of your glassware and accessories. This set includes two bar stools and a 39-inch tall bar made from a dark brown hue woven resin wicker. Not only can it provide you a space to enjoy casual cocktails and wine nights, but it can also make the outdoor space appear more elegant. Designed to live outdoors, the manufacturer made it weather-resistant and equipped with iron inner frames. Secure yourself with $390 to purchase this bar set!

6.KidKraft Outdoor table with bench set and umbrella

If you have sensitive skin, the light rays from the sun may cause you itchiness and redness. It may prohibit you from spending your days on your patio but the good news is that there are pieces of furniture that can lessen your exposure to sunlight. One of them is this KidKraft set made from weather-resistant wood, polyester, fabric, metal, rubber, and canvas. At the center, you can find a tall umbrella measuring 60 inches in height and 45 inches in diameter. Its purpose is to help shield you and your family members from UV lights. Aside from this, you will also love its matching canopy and bench cushions. The set includes a sturdy table and two benches. Despite its great function and aesthetic appeal, it only costs $225.

7.Goldsun Patio swing set with adjustable canopy

The Goldsun Patio swing set with an adjustable canopy has an alloy steel frame that comes in two colors, namely blue and taupe. Its maximum number of compatible seats is 3 while its maximum weight capacity is 550 pounds. You will not have any safety issues in using the swing since it guarantees a smooth and gentle rocking motion made possible by its unique style of heavy springs connecting the chair to the frame. It is a place where you can enjoy even if it is rainy, sunny, or windy due to its canopy design that will protect you from the mentioned weather conditions. The seats of this swing are spacious and made from PVC mesh which allows you to experience comfortable ventilation seating. On each side of the swing, there is a 2 utility tray to hold drinks and food. 

In a Nutshell

Nowadays, it is difficult to cope up with the changes brought about by the pandemic, especially if you feel isolated in your home. Everything can be a little lighter if you have an outdoor space where you can enjoy the view of the sunrise and the sunset. To make the experience more comfortable, make sure to buy any of the mentioned furniture essentials above!

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