Mobile App Design: Tips to Build an App that Users Love


It is a reality that there is a mobile application for practically any need, type of business, or activity. You can now download apps to order a taxi, buy your favorite clothes, stay in touch with your loved ones, try how your hair looks in a different color, book a restaurant, etc. Although it seems that the world of apps has no end, the process of creating a mobile application from scratch and getting users to download it is an arduous task that requires someone who has previous knowledge and experience in the sector.

For many businesses and sectors having a website, blog, or online store is not enough. Think about it! Imagine ordering a taxi through a website. Would be weird, wouldn’t it? The reason is that companies in this sector have made you accustomed to compelling apps, and there comes a time when you don’t even think about their website (do they have one?). 

You need an app that helps your customers while also adding value to differentiate yourself from your competition. Everyone has a smartphone, and today people make almost all their purchases and their searches through them. Therefore, you need a mobile application that improves your visibility and user experience.

Top App Design Tips

What characteristics must your application have so that it does not fail? Today we discover the app design tips that you cannot forget when creating a mobile app.

Smart notifications 

Try to connect with your user, taking into account their behavior. Smart notifications can anticipate your users’ needs. Of course, please do not overdo it. There is nothing more annoying than an application that incessantly sends notifications. In the right measure, it’s helpful, but if you go overboard, the notifications will be unceremoniously deleted, and your application is likely to be forgotten.


It is so basic that it can sometimes be forgotten. Users who do not live in Madrid or London will not want to see “products” that have to do with those places. If you ask your user where they live, you can provide them with more personalized information and recommendations based on their location.


First, consider adding options to share your app’s content on social networks. People like to share; if you remove that option, they may go to look for that content elsewhere where they can share it with the world.

On the other hand, especially in business applications, think of ways to interact with your users that makes them forget that they have to “trust” their banking details to an application.

You can also invest in secure payment methods such as PayPal, ask by mail to offer an invoice at the end of the order, give the option to track the package en route, or even pay cash on delivery.

App Design

Not giving attention to the design of the app is a huge mistake. Even the smallest detail influences the success of your application. 

Design is not merely about choosing colors and shapes; the app designer’s job is complex and ranges from the user experience (UX) to interaction through animations, the study of behavioral paths, or button design, among other things. is a platform for creating Android and iOS applications. They seek to democratize technology. That is, they try to make it possible for everyone, whether large or small businesses or in personal projects, to build apps faster and for lower cost. Anyone without any programming knowledge can design their app with They also highlight the possibility of using your application as a marketing tool.

Contact Section

You must be available to your users if they need it. If they have an error in the application, where can they report it? In that case, you must include:

  • Contact information for doubts.
  • The link to the application’s website.
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Some methods to send errors.

Compatible App

iOS and Android are the two systems par excellence, and each one has its peculiarities; you must take this into account while creating an app. In the first place, when developing the code for the application, you will see that the creation systems for both systems are different; change the program, change the writing language, etc. 

The ideal is to have expert designing platform like since they know the style of each system, so that the app has fluency with it at a visual and performance level.

Easy and convenient registration

If your application requires your users to register before they can use it, make their life easier and give them the option to do so through an account they already have created on social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google. 

Passwords are also a touchy subject. If it is very complicated, they will never remember it. If one day they cannot access the account for that reason, you will have to provide the option to recover the password through an email, etc.

Connectivity between devices

With the help of Builder.aiyou can build an app compatible with different platforms; tablet, mobile, or web. In that case, think about ensuring that all sessions can be connected and that what is done on one device is automatically updated on another. 

Now you have to adapt these tips to the personality of your app and your brand. Do not forget that success is in the small details – the ones that make all the difference.

Are you wondering how to build an app? Have an idea but don’t know where to start? has developed a step-by-step plan to help you.

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Radhe Gupta
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