A Brief Guide On Buying Tissot Timepieces In 2021


Since the 19th century, Tissot has been a well-known watchmaker. This magnificent timepiece has been known to the public for over 150 years and has demonstrated its quality and innovation in design since its inception. Many watch enthusiasts consider it to be an affordable luxury watch.

This brand provides everything you’re looking for in a watch, from Tissot automatic clocks to rugged sports watches. The company continues to wow customers with its elegant and durable designs, ranging from traditional and athletic men’s watches to women’s favorite everyday timepieces. Learn more about the heritage and quality that you can discover about Tissot watches.

Tissot’s brief history

Tissot has been a Swatch Group Ltd. affiliate (the world’s largest distributor and producer of timepieces) since 1983, with its headquarters in Le Locle in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The company was founded on July 1, 1853, by Charles-Felicien and his son, Charles-Emile Tissot. Elegant pendant watches, pocket watches, and complication watches were their first watch offerings.

Tissot presented the first mass-produced pocket watch and the pocket watch with two time zones in 1853. In 1858, Charles-Emile set sail for Russia, where he launched the SavonNette pocket watch brand. During the reign of Charles Emile’s son, Paul, who delved into wristwatch manufacturing in 1920.

Following these breakthroughs, they released an anti-magnetic watch from 1929 to 1930.

It rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s when it introduced unique wristwatch designs made of wood and granite. The fact that Tissot is the Official Timekeeper of sports events and associations has further added to the brand’s appeal up to the present.

Significant features

Tissot has already developed remarkable designs and continued to create new trends for their watches. They produce sports watches, dress watches, and smartwatches, which are the most recent additions. In terms of technology, they make automatic watches as well as quartz movements and solar-powered watches. The best aspects of this excellent timepiece are:

  1. Resistance to Magnetism

Magnetic fields wreak havoc on watch movements, causing them to lose precision. A silicon spring can provide resistance to magnetic fields generated by electronics. The creative team is always looking for new ways to improve Tissot’s watch features. The Nivachron balancing spring is a titanium-based alloy developed by the business to keep its timepieces’ accurate movements. It can withstand shock, magnetism, and a range of temperatures.

  1. The Movement

Tissot watches have power reserve ranges (Powermatic 80 and Swissmatic) that provide continuous accuracy without wearing them for days. The Caliber ETA Valjoux movement is well-known as it features a reliable self-winding chronograph. The top-of-the-line Tissot models have Geneva waves or circular graining on their finishing touches. A hundred fine-produced parts are used in the company’s clocks. The balance wheel and the balance spring, which keep the accuracy, are at the activity’s core. 

  1. High-quality Gems

Tissot’s timepieces use precious stones and durable metals, preserving the brand’s elegance and distinction. Sapphire crystal, for instance, is a scratch-free material that resists impacts to keep time accurate. The diamonds used are high-quality gems to adorn these wristwatches. Their 18k gold is of excellent quality, with 75% pure gold and some silver and copper. The Mother of Pearl is a unique gem that keeps the dials classic and extravagant.  

  1. Water Resistance and the Ceramic Bezel

The industry has used ceramics for years due to their durability and hardness. It resists harsh impacts; it never corrodes and maintains its brilliance over time. The watch won’t irritate your wrist because it is hypoallergenic. Tissot tests the water-resistance of their timepieces by doing pressure and liquid penetration tests.

  1. Solar power and Tactile Innovation

Upon releasing the T-Touch series, Tissot also launched solar power technology to save energy. It helped quartz watches to run even without the battery, just the natural or artificial light. In addition to these features are the alarm, altimeter, weather, and compass as part of the tactile technology.

Some of the Popular Models

  1. T-Classic

The Tissot T-Classic is the pinnacle of Tissot’s men’s watch collection. There are more than 20 models to choose from, and each has its own editions. With roughly 50 variations apiece, the PR 100 and Couturier remain two of the most common designs. The T-Classic, as one might imagine, sticks to traditional watch designs. T-Classic makes excellent dress watches, or you can wear them daily for monitoring time. Quartz, hand-wound, and automated movements are all available in the collection. 

  1. T-Pocket

The Tissot T-Pocket series has roughly ten different models, each of which comes in various colors and styles. The majority of the pieces in the collection have manual or hand-wound movements. Its movement is an ETA 6498, created by Unitas in the 1950s. They do have quartz movements, making them more affordable. 

  1. T-Touch

In 1999, they released the T-Touch collection with excellent timekeeping capabilities. You can use the watch’s touch screen display to control it, as the name implies. The T-Touch has seen numerous changes since its initial release. In 2014, they released the T-Touch Expert Solar collection. It is solar-powered, has a barometer, altimeter, chronograph stopwatch, and alarm, among other functions. 

  1. T-Gold

The Tissot T-Gold collection comprises the brand’s most expensive watches. The Tissot Excellence in 18K Gold not only comes in a luxurious metal, but it also features the “Côtes de Genève” motif, which is a work of art in and of itself. It has Pretty, Organdy, Caliente, and Glamorous as part of the fantastic women’s watches in the T-Gold collection. Tissot has come a long way since its first women’s watch was released in 1911.

Final Say

Tissot is undeniably an icon in the world of watchmaking. Since its inception, the company has been known for manufacturing exceptional and high-quality timepieces. It’s no surprise that people want to own this luxury watch. Not only is it affordable, but the value you could have in buying one is something worth investing in. 

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