Prank Ideas For The Prankster In Quarantine


Do you consider yourself a prankster before the pandemic started? It’s a real tough challenge, isn’t it? Coronavirus seems not to be going away anytime soon. Countries worldwide have to adapt to this big shock that changes the way we all live. If you can stay at home comfortably while lounging with your family or roommate, consider yourself lucky! But even though you are privileged enough to stay safe and Covid-free, sometimes it can get too frustrating to have only limited activities to keep yourself fulfilled or entertained.

There are many ways to keep yourself busy during the time of Covid-19. You probably helped yourself explore new hobbies, trying home exercises, watching movies, and what have you. But the inner prankster in you must be clamoring for more creative ways to mess with people! Like the transitioning of physical classes to online classes, or some labor forces adhering to work-from-home setups, a prankster like you should also learn how to adapt and improvise! Don’t worry; we got you covered. And quite frankly, there are still so many ways that you can playfully mess with other people during the time of Covid-19. Read on to find out how to prank people still, even if you are stuck in quarantine!

  1. Prank Calls

When you think of prank ideas, it’s almost impossible to leave prank calls out of your thoughts. Why? Because it’s one of the classic pranks that never fails to amuse anyone who does it. Your parents or grandparents probably have done it at least once in their life, so why wouldn’t you? If you don’t consider prank calls as a good prank idea, it’s likely because you know how they gained several bad reputations in the past. Unfortunately, there are people out there who take advantage of the anonymity of prank calls to carry on with their ill-intentioned ways.

“Are prank calls illegal?” The brief answer to this is this: they are not illegal if you don’t do something illegal. This means that prank calls are only illegal when you use them to threaten, blackmail, or make obscene remarks towards another person. If you are only making harmless jokes towards your family or friends, you have nothing to worry about! Bad things happen when you do bad things. So keep it harmless, folks!

If you want safe prank calls, you can try the Ownage Pranks Prank Calling App. They have many pre-made hilarious and harmless prank scripts for you to use. They also have a funny soundboard to keep you anonymous while sending your calls using an unknown caller ID. 

  1. Video Chat Freeze Prank

In the age of video chats and zoom meetings, you can always find a way to make a practical joke! You will need to practice a few skills for this: a little bit of acting (don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be Oscars-worthy!); and a little gift on storytelling. When video-chatting with a friend, build them up by starting a seemingly exciting story. 

Like gossip about someone, you both know, for example. Once you hook your victim at the climax, suddenly stop talking audibly but pretend to be still telling the story – with exaggerated facial expressions and all! It will drive them crazy to know more, and you can pretend to be absorbed in your own story that you couldn’t even notice them saying that they can’t hear you! Make sure you don’t have other noises in the background, though – just to keep them convinced! 

  1. Frozen Cereal Prank

If you have a sibling who eats breakfast cereal habitually, you can mess with them by preparing the night before. Grab a bowl of milk with their favorite cereal and put it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, make sure you wake up before them and sprinkle some cereal pieces on top to make it look realistic. Don’t forget to pretend to be in a good mood and that you are kind enough to prepare your breakfast for them – only for them to find out they couldn’t even eat it yet!

  1. Cling Wrap Shampoo Prank

Mess with your siblings by getting a small piece of saran wrap for this prank. All you need to do is unscrew the lid of their favorite shampoo, wrap the cling wrap over it and screw it back. It will also help to conduct a few tests if the shampoo falls. Once it doesn’t, you’re good to go! Don’t limit yourself to just shampoo, though; You can also do this to toiletries like body wash, conditioners, moisturizers, etc.!

  1. Computer Screen Saver Prank

Since we’re all trying to rely on online connectivity through our devices, it would be fun to mess with anyone with their computers as much as possible! While they’re taking a bathroom break, sneak into their desktop and take a screenshot of their screensaver. Once you have that, remove the homepage shortcuts and leave nothing behind! With the previously saved screenshot of the screen, use it as a screensaver. Make it quick, though! Once they come back, they will be utterly confused why everything is not working, and you will be giggling silently in one corner until they figure it out!

  1. Elbow Drawing Prank

The area above the elbow is one place that people don’t normally check when looking at their bodies. Why? It’s hard to twist and turn, and what’s the point? This reason makes it a perfect spot to draw when someone is sleeping soundly. It could take days or even a week (depending on the ink you are going to use) before your victim even notices it; you usually can draw anything! You can be creative with an embarrassing note, or you can just draw nasty things like poop or a poorly drawn penis. 

  1. Alarm Clock Prank

If you list the most annoying sounds in the world, the first spot would be for nails on chalkboards, second would be the loud and obnoxious ringing sound of alarm clocks. (At least in our opinion) You can order old models of battery-operated alarm clocks for a lower price and use them to annoy your roommate or siblings. Set the alarm two to three hours earlier than they usually wake up to make sure that they are still in that deep sleep cycle. While they are sleeping at night, sneak into their bedroom with the alarm clock (or alarm clocks, depending on how hard you want to do with this) in hand and place it under their bed or somewhere they wouldn’t find it immediately once it rings. It will surely wake them up and annoy them!

  1. Boiled Egg Prank

Chances are, you’re going to boil eggs in the egg tray anyway, so why not just do it in advance? When no one’s looking, boil as many eggs as you like and put them back in the trays. It will serve as a game that will surprise your family members if they’re going to crack open a raw egg or a boiled one! A simple prank, but it always gets people where you expect them!

  1. Remote Control Prank

There are many free universal remote apps on the internet to choose from, so the only effort you need to exert in this prank is practicing how to use it in devices at home properly. The best way to maximize it is to control your home television. You will need to get yourself acquainted with this app first and try testing it when no one’s looking just to see exactly how it works. Once you got a hold of its functions, you can now do many fun things with it, like switching to the shopping channel during a climax of a show that your dad is watching. You can also just keep switching channels every five minutes just to mess with anyone who’s watching. You can turn off the TV, suddenly play some music, and whatever it is that your TV can function for! Just make sure to keep your actions inconspicuous to take a while before they know it’s you who is messing with them!

  1. Soap Prank

One of the easiest ways to mess with anyone in the bathroom or shower is by removing any bar soap’s lather. First, find a clear nail polish around your house. Second, take that bar soap sitting in the sink or the shower and leave it a few minutes to dry. Once it’s dry, coat the soap with a generous amount of nail polish and make sure not to leave any side uncovered. Once dry, put it back and wait for someone to wash their hand sadly, or should we say – sudlessly! Don’t forget to have one in exchange, though! Hard-washing is essential, especially during this time.

These are ten things that can help with your pranking fix! Don’t forget to stay healthy, wear masks, practice social distancing, and wash your hands! Good luck with pranking indoors, and have fun!
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