Best and Cheapest Ways to Send Money from the UK to Ghana


Ghana is one of the most vibrant economies in Africa. Thus, you’d definitely expect its infrastructure and technology to be superb. Many immigrants come from Ghana, and from time to time they need to send money back home. Often, they don’t get an easy way to send money due to the cost implication and speed of arrival. But a money transfer app gives immigrants an easier time sending money back home. And this is not only limited to immigrants, but also those who want to send money to Ghana for business.

So, what are some of the best and cheapest ways that you can use to send money from the UK to Ghana? For starters, we’ve stated that the best avenue that you can use is a money transfer app. The question is, which money transfer app services are ideal to use? Here are some picks for you:


PayPal is one of the longest-serving money transfer options in the market. It has existed for more than two decades now and is still continuing to help millions around the world. What better way to send money to African countries like Ghana than through a money transfer app like PayPal?

PayPal supports over 20 currencies of the world, including those on the African continent. The fact that it is one of the most popular apps in the world when it comes to money transfer also makes it attractive to many.

Immigrants love using PayPal to send money back home due to the pure convenience it has. Money transfers typically arrive on time, unless for some delays – which are also rare. In addition, their fees are cheaper than what you’d get in a bank.

Afriex Money Transfer App

Another impressive money transfer app that you can use to send money from the UK to Ghana is Afriex. It is still fresh in the industry but has gained the attention of so many immigrants in the UK. So much that it is slowly becoming the most preferred option for sending funds abroad.

When you’re in the UK and want to send money to Ghana, then we would strongly advise that you try out this service. Aside from their rates being rather low on money transfers, their speed of delivery is also quite fast. Thus, if you have an emergency to deal with back in Ghana, you can send funds quickly while in the UK.

What’s, even more, is that you can also send cryptocurrency, in addition to all the fiat currencies available on the platform.


SendWave money transfer app started way back in 2014 as a solution to the high transfer fees that banks charged individuals to send money to African countries. And it sure did make a difference by bringing these rates down to the low. Today, many immigrants use SendWave to make transfers to their African countries.

As an immigrant in the UK, you can easily send money to Ghana and expect it to get to the recipient quite fast. You’ll need to check their website for full details on their pricing when it comes to transfer fees. For some African countries, there’s even no transfer fee!

CurrencyFair Money Transfer App

From their name, you can already tell that they have a fair policy in terms of transfer fees and charges. In addition, some of their in-app features are pretty exciting. For instance, they use a competitive exchange rate and a smart platform technology that reduces the cost of making money transfers by up to 8 times. In most cases, CurrencyFair prices range at 0.4% of the exchanged amount.

CurrencyFair also has a decent user interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate through their platform and transfer funds abroad. If you’re not so much in a hurry to send money, you can request a better rate when the market changes so that you send money and get full value for it.

They are pretty fast too, as many claim it is the best option to use when you want to send money to an African country really fast. The money you send can get to its destination in a day.


Xoom started out in 2001 and has since been a great option for people sending money abroad, even to African territories. Aside from just sending money, people can perform mobile top-ups and even pay bills across different platforms. Talk about convenience in services.

Xoom today belongs to PayPal and users can send funds to over 100 countries in the world, including those in Africa. Their transfer rates are also attractive and not as oppressive as bank transfer charges.

Final Thoughts

Sending money from the UK to Ghana sure is easy nowadays. With the influx of many service providers, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. Just ensure you pick the money transfer app with the best rates, speeds, and security.

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