Fighting in Style: A Wonder called Chemo Scarves


Cancer is a severe and dangerous disease. Yet, human persistence and resilience know no bounds. Cancer survivors have inspiring tales about their journey towards healing and wellness. But this journey is not without suffering, pain, and trauma. Apart from the pain of putting one’s body through intense treatments such as chemotherapy, the side effects of these therapies may alter a person’s appearance significantly. A common side effect of chemotherapy is abnormal hair loss. Many people choose to shave their heads in such cases. While there are several ways to rock the bald look, using stylish chemo head scarves in one’s ensemble is a great style choice!

Scarves all the way!

Head scarves are the look of the day! A good scarf can alter one’s entire outfit and make one present themselves as stylish and chic. Designers make chemo scarves to suit the tender skin of people undergoing chemotherapy. They feel light on one’s skin, are light-weighted, and importantly, are easy to carry around. These are the different types of chemo scarves available.

Bamboo scarves

Bamboo is the best-suited material to make soft clothes. On par with cotton, bamboo is delicate on the scalp’s skin and offers protection from harmful sun rays and harsh pollutants that may irritate the skin. They are also ideal for when the skin becomes delicate due to hair loss. Bamboo is a regulator of temperature. Therefore, during summers, it cools down the body, and during winters, it provides ample warmth. They become a perfect match for any season. Many designers customize double-layered and single-layered bamboo scarves according to preferences and orders. While single-layered scarves are soft and light, double-layered scarves offer heightened protection from unwanted rays and pollution. Bamboo scarves also come with embedded jewellery, adding to their elegant look. 

Velvet Scarves

Much like bamboo scarves, designers create velvet scarves with the wearer’s comfort in mind. Velvet is a material that has recently entered the scarves’ market. It is soft, comfortable, delicate and durable. Velvet’s textural integrity enables it to don any design or embroidery that the wearer wishes to adorn. Velvet is an apt material for stylish chemo head scarves.

Parts of a chemo scarf

A chemo scarf usually comes in two parts or pieces. The first part is a single coloured cap. The cap is often monochromatic, so it can complement the colour of the scarf. The second part is the scarf itself. A chemo scarf is usually long-tailed and helps the wearer style it as per their wish. 

Pre-tied scarves

Several designers make pre-tied scarves that are simple to style and easy to wear. These scarves offer enhanced comfort in wearing scarves for a long time and do not require much effort or energy. 

How to style a scarf

The best aspect of a chemo scarf is that one can style it to look any way one desires. For those who love a simple yet elegant look, the single knot style is perfect. One can tie the scarf in a single knot around the head. The long tail of the scarf can be left suspended in the back. 

The bow-tie style is yet another fun way of tying a scarf. It gives one a playful touch and can transform any solemn attire into a cheerful one. When a scarf has a jewellery piece, one can wear it like a tiara or a headband. 

Recovery from illness is one of the most precious things in a person’s life. But the pain that comes with it cannot be explained by anybody. It is a personal experience. Stylish chemo head scarves and other accessories such as caps, hats and wigs can make this journey to recovery easier for the warrior. 

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
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