How Are Distilled Spirits Different From Fermented Spirits?


Are you planning to start your bar and restaurant? Then you must be wondering which essential alcohols, spirits, or beers and wines you need to stock for preparing unique cocktails and drinks. So, to stock, you need to understand which are the most popular spirits that are an absolute necessity for your bar and where you can buy these distilled spirits. 

You can find a gin distillery,  tequila distillery, and other spirits at any famous distillery. But before buying, you must know how distilling works. Do you know the difference between a fermented beverage and a distilled beverage? If not, read further to find out. 

How Is Distilled Beverage Different From Fermented Alcohol?

Any fermented beverage has natural sugar, which is further broken down by yeast. However, any distilled beverage goes through many different processes to become the final purified product. The initial process of making any alcoholic beverage is the same. Both types have plant or fruit products that have natural sugar. And when it comes to distilled beverages, once the yeast starts to ferment the natural products, the next step is the distillation.

How Is a Distilled Beverage Made?

Distillation begins with fermentation. A mixture of water, fruit or plant juice is worked upon by adding yeast to make alcohol. Further, different substances require different boiling levels. So, for example, if an alcohol manufacturer is trying to produce distilled gin, they will mostly use wheat, corn, and rye for making the base of it. 

Any spirit will have these three grains to create the base. Further, one can add different ingredients to form other spirits. If you want distilled brandy, you will mostly get it from the pulp of fruits like apricot, grapes, apple, and cherry. 

After the fermentation is completed, the liquid is further distilled in a pot still. The boiling of the fermented liquid makes the alcohol evaporate and leaves behind the remaining water. Then, this evaporated alcohol is stored for the next stage of distillation. The next few steps involve further vaporisation and cooling to get the final concentrated product.  

Once the final product is out, it can be given any flavour, aged as per preference, and filtered. There is no way you can drink distilled alcohol directly, as it is powerful and therefore needs something to dilute it. Meanwhile, depending on the type of spirit being made, some specific flavours are added to it to enhance their taste. 

What Are the Most Common and Popular Distilled Spirits?

Vodka, rum, tequila, brandy, whiskey, and gin are the most consumed distilled spirits you can buy from a distillery. And, if you are looking forward to buying distilled gin at a gin distillery, you will commonly find its ABV strength to be 96%. Liquid ethanol is finally used to make distilled gin. A fun fact that you should know about distilled gin is that it helps clean clogged arteries.

Any standard distilled spirit bottle will contain 40% ABV. You can also find spirits with high or low ABV, but it depends on how concentrated they would like their alcoholic beverage to be. For commercial use, bars and restaurants prefer a moderate ABV percentage that can be mixed with other ingredients to make a mouth-watering cocktail. 

So, now that you have gained enough knowledge about distilled spirits and fermented spirits, you will have better clarity while purchasing them. So, look for a reputed and recognised distillery for getting excellent quality and variety of distilled spirits. 

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Radhe Gupta
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