Why Will a Wooden Clock be the Best Gift for Somebody Who Has Everything


It is very hard to give a gift to someone who already has everything. However, if you must give a gift, several items are simple but will impact the receiver. One of these items is a wooden clock made from Birch plywood.

Reasons for Giving a Wall Clock as a Gift

Timepieces in the form of a watch or a wall clock are meaningful gifts because they are often necessary. In addition, since society dictates that we keep track of time, a clock will help receivers keep all their appointments. Likewise, clocks are great gift ideas for the following reasons.

Usable. A clock is a safe gift to give, especially to someone who has everything. A home cannot have too many clocks. Likewise, clocks are very useful because they remind people of the time whenever they look at them. There is a saying that even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

Minimalist Design. A clock, especially one that is made from Birch plywood, has a minimalist design. This design may be simple and elegant at the same time. Simple enough that it does not have any intricate details, but is elegant because of its simplicity. Likewise, the simple fact of the clock makes it easy to read, even if it does not come with numbers to represent the hours and minutes.

Can Match Any Interior. A simple clock can match any interior design, especially if you are going for a minimalist approach. What is great with a wooden clock is that you can choose to have it stained to a darker tone to match any existing wood accents within your home.

Made from Plywood. Clocks that are made from plywood offer a lot of benefits for the receiver and even the environment for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight. Because it is made from Birch plywood, this clock is lightweight and can easily be moved from one position to another. 
  • Eco-Friendly. Plywood is made from wood scraps that are bonded together by a phenolic resin or adhesive. Because plywood is made from wood scraps, it reduces the need to cut down new trees. Therefore, clocks made from plywood will be more environmentally friendly than clocks made of solid wood or other materials. 
  • Strong and Durable. Plywood is a strong material because the grain arrangement of the wood scraps contained in the inner layers distributes the strength of the wood evenly. Likewise, the phenolic resin used for binding the scraps adds to the wood’s strength and durability. 

Symbolic Meaning. A wall clock is an excellent gift to commemorate a special event in a person’s life. For example, giving a clock as a graduation gift will mark that they have completed a significant part of their life and will become a reminder that they can accomplish anything that they set their hearts on.

Staying Power. A simple yet elegant wooden clock will have staying power. Since your recipients will use them, they would most likely hang these clocks on a wall in a room of their homes. Other gifts that are not useful may be kept stored in the garage or attic and may never see the light of day.

One of the best and intimate reasons for giving a wall clock is that it is something that your receiver will look at and make use of every day. A wooden clock will become a constant reminder of you.

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