How To Find Studio Apartments for Rent – Here Are A Few Qualities to Look for!


Making the move to a studio apartment may be an excellent method of saving money on rent without having to get a roommate or settling for a less-than-stellar community. You might save on your month-to-month rent as much as $427 in Minneapolis, $500 in Los Angeles, $867 in New York City, and $924 in Denver by selecting a studio over a 1-bedroom apartment, according to average rental rate information for the first quarter of the year.

Saving money on rent is attractive to almost all renters but living inside a studio apartment may be an adjustment for anybody who has not done it before – however, you can locate a studio apartment that’s appropriate for your needs and is priced affordably. Here are three things to search for during an apartment hunt to be certain you receive the most bang for your buck.

An abundance of vertical space

One good rule of thumb of apartment renters, particularly in a more compact apartment, includes always thinking up. Inside a studio, there is limited horizontal space; therefore, you ought to search for studio apartments for rent that have as much vertical room as you can. With higher ceilings, the apartment will not just look larger than it actually is, yet you also will have space to hang items.

It’s possible to get the most vertical space by putting in shelves for extra storage or mounting the TV to the wall and eliminating the need for a television stand. Choose dressers or bookshelves that are tall instead of wide, allowing you to maximize the use of the vertical space instead of the limited floor space.

The studio apartments for rent should offer ample storage

Just because you are moving into budget-friendly and small studio apartments for rent does not mean you must forget about storage space. As a matter of fact, you will need ample space to store your valuables, because it does not take much for a more compact space to appear disheveled and cluttered. In keeping your additional belongings inside a closet and out of the primary living space, you’ll make space appear bigger, more organized, and neater.

Natural lighting is important

The brighter the room is, the larger it’ll feel. By this principle, having an abundance of windows ought to make small studio apartments for rent seem larger. Besides the number of windows, note the direction the windows are facing, as it’ll affect how much lighting the apartment receives. If you face south or north, you will not receive any direct sunlight. Facing west or east in studio apartments for rent guarantees a good bit of light.

You ought to feel comfortable in your space. Sure, studio apartments are more compact, yet you should not opt to live in a space that feels cramped. Be certain you have ample space for your living area, bedroom area, and desk all within the primary space of the studio apartment. Irrespective of size, a home must feel like a home, and not a cubby hole.

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Radhe Gupta
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