Looking for a DJ for your upcoming nuptials? Make sure your wedding DJ offers these top services!


If you are getting married soon, congratulations! The big day is finally approaching and you have some last-minute things to take care of so you can ensure everyone has the best time possible. Although the wedding is important to form a union between two people, the wedding ceremony and after-party are two important parts of your special day!

Let’s see one of the best ways to get the music started, get people dancing on the floor, and lift everyone’s spirits during this beautiful day. 

Need a DJ? Use Wedding DJ Maine for your upcoming nuptials!

There are many characteristics the best DJs have when you want to hire a person for your wedding or upcoming party. Before you hire someone for your big day, make sure you go through some research, ask for word-of-mouth recommendations, and read online reviews to find the best person!

Free Event planning assistance

One of the best things to look for in a wedding DJ is any extra help they can provide with event planning. If you are throwing a wedding and you need to figure out where to put the DJ table and the sound system, the DJ should be able to get this taken care of for you. Consider booking Wedding DJ Maine so you can relax on this special day!

No charge for set-up or breakdown

The second characteristic to ensure your hired DJ has is the ability to set up and break down their sound equipment for free. By avoiding any extra charges for setup and breakdown, you can put money towards other things for your wedding, such as drinks, food, and party favors! In addition, since the equipment setup can take a few hours, you will be saving a few hours’ worth of hourly work!

Full digital music library

The third characteristic that your wedding DJ should have is to have a digital music library. It is easiest if the professional has an easy-to-use playlist on their phone or laptop that can be directly plugged into speakers and used with sound tables. Book Wedding DJ Maine so you can enjoy fun and upbeat playlists!

Custom playlists

The next characteristic that your wedding DJ should have is a custom playlist. If the DJ just puts on the ‘top 50’ playlist or the ‘next best hits’ on other speakers, the guest will not be amused that they are simply playing Spotify or Apple Music playlists. Instead, make sure you test the DJ before hiring to ensure they have custom playlists with unique features that only THEY have in their songs. Hire wedding DJ Maine for a completely unique and fun experience! 

Traditional and gay weddings

The final characteristic is to make sure your DJ is comfortable and willing to work with traditional and gay weddings. 


If you are looking for the best professional to DJ your wedding, you need to make sure the final choice has free event planning assistance, no charge for break down or set up of equipment, a full digital music library, custom playlists, and the ability to work both traditional and gay weddings. Book wedding DJ Maine for your upcoming nuptials!

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