What Printed Materials Can Help Promote Your Business?


We are living in a digital age, and as such, businesses are quite often encouraged to do the majority of their promotional work online. And that’s a good strategy.

However, there is still a lot to be said for physical, printed forms of advertising that catch the eyes and attention of people as they pass by. This is particularly true for businesses that are providing a service within a local area. If the customer base you want to attract is based in a particular location, it makes sense to advertise in that location!

Printed advertising is often a good deal cheaper than buying advertising online, too, making it a cost-effective strategy.

Window film

If your business is based in a location with a storefront, you’re going to be paying a premium for the amount of foot traffic that you are likely to get. It makes sense to maximize that investment and ensure that your storefront is eye-catching and that it quickly and effectively tells potential customers what they can expect when they visit your business. 

Window film is a great way to do this. Depending on the size of your window, window film gives you the opportunity to create a large advertisement for your business. Fashion businesses often make great use of window film to create advertisements that show off their latest collections, for example. A window film advertisement means that people can already see the great products you’re offering without having to come into your shop, which makes them more likely to take a little detour as they go about their day and see what you have to offer.

The fact that window film advertisements are behind glass is an advantage too. It means that your design will be protected from the elements at all times and won’t be defaced over time.

Wallpaper and floor coverings

Printed material can be used to create a particular feeling once people come inside your shop.

Soyang offers both printed wallpapers and printed floor coverings which you can use to complement in-store displays. Sporting goods stores often use this to great effect by recreating a football field or a hockey stadium inside the shop, encouraging people to buy the equipment that will let them participate in the sport.


Banners can be used by businesses to great effect. If there is a busy road near your location, for example, a banner is a great way to tell people that you exist if they just come off at the next exit. Advertising on roads is effective; 71% of Americans reported looking at billboard messages while driving and later using the business that was advertised.

If you don’t have a storefront with a window, banners can be used in a similar way to a window film display.

A lot of businesses make great use of banners to promote time-dependent sales and special events. You could have a banner that you roll out for your end-of-season sales, for example, letting your customers know that now is the time to pay you a visit if they want to grab themselves a bargain.

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