Moving Boxes – A Detailed Guide


If you are moving soon, you probably have a lot on your mind. Most people have a game plan well ahead of the move – the packing schedule, the moving company they’re going to hire, notifying the utilities about the move, etc.

However, when it comes to actually packing, you may find yourself a bit underprepared if you don’t have different boxes for different needs. If you’ve never considered this, listen to what moving and packing experts at Move Central have to say about the topic.

Why Do I Need Different Boxes?

The simplest answer to this question is – convenience. In truth, you might be just fine with one size of boxes, but when time comes to pack, let’s say, small ornaments from your bookshelf; do you want them to be snug in a small box, or flying around with a bunch of bigger items in a large box?

As you may imagine, organization is key when moving, so consider how many different types of boxes you need based on the items you own and are planning to move with you.

Large Boxes

Large boxes are well suited to fit a lot of items in them. Better yet, these items do not need to be of regular shapes. So, things like cushions, or your vacuum cleaner or even your kitchenware are best suited for these kinds of boxes.

One thing to keep in mind with these boxes is that it is easy to overfill them – stacking too many relatively heavy items in one box will a.) make it really difficult (next to impossible) to carry and b.) most likely damage the box itself. Remember, it’s just cardboard – you can’t transport 50-100 pounds in one box.

Medium Boxes

The staple of moving days – medium sized boxes tend to be the most popular – they provide some of the benefits of both big and small boxes, while also limiting the downsides of each. In fact, the majority of your things will be stored in these boxes. Things like most kitchen appliances, clothes, toys – all of them fit in these. And best of all, they tend to be easier to carry, both in terms of overall bulk and weight.

Just make sure not to fill these boxes with books or they can quickly get too heavy for anyone to comfortably lift and carry (remember, you need to take things into the moving van/truck, and back out again).

Small Boxes

Finally, when it comes to size – small boxes are ideal for storing, well, smaller items. These smaller boxes tend to be more rigid as well, meaning they can support more weight based on their size. This is ideal for heavy things like books and canned food.

The biggest problem with small boxes (apart from their diminutive size) is that they can be more difficult to find and buy, as they are considered more of a specialized box, rather than standard. Some people opt to use boxes of products they have around as a replacement.

Corrugated Boxes

Not based on size, but rather the material they’re made of, corrugated boxes come in different sizes, but have a singular purpose. They are used to protect the fragile items you will be transporting. Thanks to the corrugated surface, the boxes provide a lot more security to items inside. If there is an impact, the corrugated cardboard will crumple and absorb a lot of the damage – protecting the contents inside.

Most people use corrugated boxes in tandem with packing peanuts or similar protection methods to transport their sensitive electronics, dishes, and glasses.

Finding the right tool for the job is one of the best way to ensure that the job is done right. That’s true for all of human endeavor, and moving and packing is no different in that respect.

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta
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