Why Using Real Estate Postcards Is The Best Choice For Marketing Luxury Real Estate Listings


Without a doubt, one of the most popular tools that luxury real estate agents utilize when they are trying to attract new clients is the realtor postcard. 

Even as the industry continues to move to the Internet, there is still a very prominent amount of highly successful agents and agencies that take advantage of this tried and true tool.

So what are the benefits of using real estate postcards? Here are some of the top things to keep in mind! See more on how to use real estate postcards for marketing luxury real estate.

Great way to market 

If you are looking to target specific kinds of potential buyers and sellers in a specific target sales area, then you can utilize real estate postcards to do just that. After all, you can send out these postcards to specific parts of towns and two specific areas where you believe your target audience currently lives. 

You do not need names or addresses

Another really fantastic aspect of using real estate postcards is that you do not actually even need the names and addresses of people in a specific area to get your postcards in their mailboxes. In fact, you can send letters to an entire mailing route thanks to some different services that will do that job for you. This is perfect if you are looking to target residents in a new area that you are not clearly actively working in. 

They are best for older potential clients

While the millennial and Gen-Z generations spend the vast majority of their time online, let’s face the fact that the vast majority of potential home buyers are in older generations. Those older generations still feel quite a bit more likely to be in the market for luxury real estate listings than their younger counterparts. For that reason, going the analog route is still a very good idea when it comes to advertising your services as a real estate agent. 

They’re easier to hang onto

Unlike emails, texts, or other forms of personalized advertisements, the fact that real estate postcards are actual physical things that people can not only look at but also hold and hold onto, makes it much more likely that they will end up having a lot more staying power than other forms of personal ads. 

Ideas for a real estate postcard

For people who are using real estate postcards to improve their business, here are some of the many benefits that you should keep in mind! 

  • You can remind residents to get ready for an upcoming listing
  • You can thank clients for referrals
  • You can highlight the benefits of renting vs. buying
  • You can make a free offer to try to build leads
  • You can introduce a new real estate agent to your community
  • You can invite members of your community to an upcoming luxury open house
  • You can celebrate recently sold homes 
  • You can use it to increase leads
  • You can use it to increase brand recognition and familiarity
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