The first three words that you should teach your dog with talking buttons!


If you have always wanted to communicate with your canine, now you finally have that chance! With dog talking buttons, you will be able to know the deepest and darkest inner-most thoughts of your pup – well, not really. But you will be able to learn when they want to go outside for a walk, when they want to play, if they need to go to the toilet, and when they’re hungry. By learning the difference between your dog’s “hungry bark” and your pup’s “playful bark”, you can keep your pet happy at all times. If you would rather avoid the guessing game and know for sure what your dog wants to say to you, using talking buttons is the way to go.

It is similar to a child – if your baby is crying, are they crying because they are hungry, tired, or need to go to the bathroom? The same goes for your pup – but with talking buttons, the guessing games are over. You can teach your pup how to use this easy mechanism so you can figure out what they want to tell you and how you can make them comfortable. After all, your dog is your best friend – so you want to do everything you can to make sure they are happy, well taken care of, and happy! 

If you’re new to using talking buttons, what are the first three words that you should teach your pup? Find out the first words and phrases that you should teach your dog so you can establish a deeper line of communication and learn what your dog really thinks about you – or at least when they want to go outside and play. 

The first three words you should teach your dog with talking buttons

First thing’s first – what are dog talking buttons and who created them? You may be surprised to find out that the inventor of talking buttons is just like you and me – they are dog owners who simply wanted to know more about what their pup was thinking at different moments! 

Christina Hunger, a speech-language pathologist, and dog lover discovered a new way to communicate with her beloved pup by using talking buttons. Integrating adaptive speech technologies and her love for canines, she was able to create an easy-to-use technology that lets her dog communicate its needs, thoughts, and wants. 

If you want to use talking buttons with your pup, you need to think of the most important phrases that your dog will be able to easily understand, use on a daily basis, and make use of. Avoid starting with complicated phrases and words that are less commonly used in your dog’s life. You may find that teaching your dog how to say the phrase “I want to go to the park” is more complicated than simply teaching your pup how to say “outside”. 

So, how do you teach your dog to use talking buttons? Fortunately for you, the process is much easier than you would think. No, you don’t have to teach your dog how to actually speak – you just have to teach your pup how to understand the thoughts and actions associated with buttons! 

The talking buttons will correspond to vaporous phrases and words that you will use to teach your dog how to communicate with you. For example, if your dog wants to go outside, then they will eventually learn how to press the “outside” button to show you what you need to do to help them.


One of the main buttons that you can use to help communicate with your dog is a “hungry” button. Your dog will be hungry a lot of the time – they’ll either want a treat, they need to be fed, or they smell some human food that they would like to try! Whatever the reason, you can teach your dog when to press on the “hungry” button so they can effectively communicate their needs to you.

The first step of teaching your dog how to use talking buttons is to say the word and show the action. If you frequently feed your dog using the same type of dog food and bowl, you can say the word “hungry”, pour the food in the bowl, and wait for the dog to see the actions. Associating the word with the action can help the dog understand what you are saying.

Furthermore, you can press the button while saying the word and showing the action. Press the “hungry” button while pouring food to show your dog that when they press the button, a response occurs. By showing the process of pressing a button and immediately receiving a response, you can teach your pup how to effectively use the talking buttons. 


The second word to teach your dog when it comes to using talking buttons is “outside”. Outside actually has multiple meanings when it comes to your dog, as it can mean going outside to go to the bathroom, going for a walk, or going to the park. Make sure you use a special meaning with the “outside’ button so your dog doesn’t get confused when they should press this button. 

Consider using different buttons for different outside actions, such as “walk”, “bathroom”, and “outside”. This way, your pup can also learn to combine words into one sentence! For example, you can teach your dog how to use the “play” and “outside” buttons together so your dog can communicate when they want to go play outside with you. 


The last button that you should use with your pup is the “bathroom” button. This talking button is the best way that your pup can tell you that they need to go outside and relieve themselves. Instead of your pup barking and not being able to express that they need to go outside and go to the bathroom, they can simply press one button and effectively communicate with you. 


As a pet owner, the thing you want most in the world is to communicate with your pets and make sure they are happy. By teaching your dog how to use these three words with talking buttons, you can make sure they are happy, well understood, and have their needs taken care of! 

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