What to Know About Moving to Salt Lake City, UT


When moving to various parts of the United States, you will notice a difference of environment as well as locals. However, differences are not necessarily a bad thing. For instance, Salt Lake City, UT is unlike most big cities in the nation and it is their distinct differences that have launched the city into the list of the top 100 best places to live for three years. If you are considering making the move to Salt Lake City, UT, here are some other interesting things about the city. 

Family Is a Big Deal

Certain areas of the country claim they are very family oriented, but none have managed to utilize that claim to fame quite like Salt Lake City, UT. This city is very much a family oriented place and over 60% of the population is a part of the Mormon church which is known for big families, so when living here, do not be surprised when your outings with other families includes a whole lot of kids. 

Getting Outside is Essential

Utah, itself is known for being an outdoor lover’s dream, but specifically, Salt Lake City, UT boasts endless opportunities to get out and embrace nature. Biking through the city is a common pastime of locals and mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and many other outdoor activities are available throughout the year. If you are not an outdoor enthusiast, living here might actually change your passion a little. Park City is one of the many outdoor attractions here and it is famous for having over 400 miles of well maintained trails to keep mountain bikers and climbers happy all year long. 

Things Close on Sunday

Certain areas of the country run on a 7 day a week format meaning, everything is open, even on Sundays, but you will not find that level of convenience in Salt Lake City, UT. Here, Sundays are sacred days of the week and many places close on that day. Certain businesses are even required by local law mandates to only operate on one weekend day, so Saturday seems to be the day to be open on the weekend. This is something you will ultimately get used to and if you intend on partying on a Sunday, buy everything you need for your party the day before. Stores do not sell alcohol on Sundays either. 

Street Names are Something to Get Used To

When trolling around Salt Lake City, UT, you might begin to wonder about all the numbers for streets. You will not find streets named after flowers, fruits, or famous people in the area, but a system that helps residents manage how far away they are from the city center. The system is set up on a longitude and latitude grid system in which the center of the city is 0. Every 100 is one block away from the Temple Square. You will get used to this system, but it takes time, so be patient. 

Inversion. What’s That?

Generally, the air in Salt Lake City, UT is just as clean as any other major city, but during one specific time of the year, they have air quality issues linked to something called an inversion. This is when warm air is hovering above trapped cold air. The air becomes thick and can be difficult to breath. It is known as an inversion and happens in Salt Lake City, UT between December and February. It is best to check air quality conditions before venturing out for the day during inversion season. 

A Tech Capital

When people think of the tech capital of the world they often think of Silicon Valley, but Salt Lake City, UT is home to over 4,000 startup companies and these include big names such as eBay and Adobe. Venture capitalists have continually invested over $2.5 billion over the past few years paving the way for even more tech startups to make their way to market. If you are looking for a new technology opportunity, Salt Lake City, UT is the best place to start. 

Homes and Rentals

Make no mistake about it, there are plenty of homes for sale in Salt Lake City, UT, but most residents choose to rent for a while before purchasing a home for their family. This can mean moving into a smaller rental home or apartment for a while and getting the lay of the land. When moving into an apartment or rental home in Salt Lake City, UT, you will likely find lack of closet space and storage room. 

Naturally, the solution is not to purge yourself of your belongings but invest in a storage unit. Storage units in Salt Lake City, UT are wildly popular and come in a wide range of options including secure, climate controlled storage and standard units. No matter what you need to store, you can find a storage unit to help clear the clutter and even after you have purchased a home with plenty of storage space, you can maintain your storage unit to help your home remain comfortable. Storage units are more affordable than ever before. 

Home of Sundance Film Festival

January is a welcomed time of year for those living in Salt Lake City, UT. While the rest of the year hopes for a chance to see what comes to the Sundance Film Festival, residents of Salt Lake City, UT are able to show up and enjoy the festivities and at a discounted rate. Residents are provided with discounted tickets to the festival each year at Park City. The festival is a lot of fun for everyone.

Moving can be a challenge, but when you are moving to a city like Salt Lake City, UT with so many wonderful things to offer residents, the move is much easier. Salt Lake City, UT is a growing city with over 200,000 residents currently. Enjoy the great outdoors, emphasis on family, and booming tech industry in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT. 

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Yash Ranjan
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