The Power of Innovations: A Guide to Rado Watches


Luxury items are made with a fine, delicate material that we are so afraid of damaging. A single and microscopic scratch can make our heads go crazy. We spend thousands of dollars, yet a simple scratch ruins the sophisticated look we paid for. But worry not because Rado offers you its heavy-duty, scratch-resistant timepieces that you can wear against all odds!

The History of Rado Watches

The Rado Watch Company is a firm believer that you can turn your imaginations into reality. The Schlup brothers, Ernst, Fritz, and Werner, founded the watchmaking factory in 1917, which they named Schlup & Co. The brand not only ventures into the watchmaking industry, but it also manufactures watch mechanics of other brands. In 1957, the year of their 40th anniversary, Schlup & Co stepped up by releasing the Golden Horse line. It even rebranded with its current name, Rado Watches Co. Ltd. In the following year, Rado Green Horse debuted as one of the waterproof watches Rado released in the market. This phenomenon paved the way for the brand’s international emergence in over 61 countries.

As the 1960s came about, the brand released the stellar Diastar 1 that is remarkable for its massiveness. This is the first scratch-proof timepiece in the world! The brand, therefore, made it its aim to cater to the well-built, cozy, and high-class demands of horologists. In addition, the brand manufactured a multipurpose planning watch built with an elongated case to contain a dial-like board for a never-ending calendar.

The quartz crisis

The crisis in quartz production rose from 1970 to the 1980s, which led to the brand redesigning the Diastar with a gold-plating. They also launched the sensational Rado Diastar 67 built with an edge-to-edge metalized sapphire crystal. These timepieces continued to dominate the industry in the mid-80s with their massive and technologically advanced scratch-proof quality. It is indeed a remarkable time because Rado pervades through the 1990s.

In 1981, The company debuted the Anatom watch that possessed a curved comfort design that still emphasizes vigor and exclusiveness. This timepiece is immensely luxurious with its square dial glossed with the golden shine of diamond indexes.

The launch of tech-based improvements

Rado marked the start of the 21st century by recognizing women by launching the Esenza watch equipped with an oval case and straight strap. This timepiece was reckoned as feminine by horologists and is immensely appreciated and loved by many. Subsequently, the Esenza Ceramic Touch was included in the collection in 2013. This particularly uses modern technology with its monobloc case, which guarantees that classic Rado and smartwatches aficionados are being provided.

With the success of the brand’s spectacular timepieces, they revamped the vintage Diastar 1 in 2011 by incorporating the old design with new twists. Then, to provide innovative timepieces to the public, the brand launched the True Thinline collection that modified the vintage watches through its ceramic and lean features. This remarkable lean feature measured less than 5mm in thickness! That is made possible by the brand’s mastery in construction and assembling.

Rado Watches

Rado is undeniably committed to its innovative measures of manufacturing watches that steal the hearts of many. The rise of its scratch-proof timepieces amplified the brand’s success. The company now has a wide range of collections from the vintage classics up to the redesigned ones.

  1. Hyperchrome Watches

The HyperChrome wristwatch was first introduced in 2012 with a high-tech ceramic monobloc case for an extraordinary appearance. It was then in the 2018 Baselworld fair that a new model graced the industry with shiny and skeletonized glamour.

  1.  Centrix Watches

This collection of perfectly unaltered circles emphasized the innovative features of Rado. It was curated in two main variants: Centrix Ceramic and Centrix Steel, which describes their difference. It is in 2016 that the most-awaited and dominating Centrix Open Heart Collection was introduced.

  1. Original Watches

This classic, forever favorite collection is greatly inspired by the ever-iconic Diastar of the 1962 collection. The Original collection adapted the Diastar toughness along with its twist. This collection offers variants like New Original Automatic, New Original Chronograph, The Original Automatic, and The Original Automatic Diamonds. 

  1. Diamaster Watches

The Diamaster collection uproots the iconic vintage pieces of Rado. It is the perfect fusion of traditional design and high-class neatness of dials. The new models of this collection emphasized the uniqueness of Rado’s design. Lastly, the new 2018 Diamaster collection set standards for luxury watchmaking.

  1. True Thinline Watches

These are ultra-slim ceramic masterpieces that are regarded as the pioneer of the new age in the world of luxury watchmaking. These iconic watches have quartz cases that measure less than 5mm! It is indeed a wonder in watch engineering having to produce such a phenomenal masterpiece. Though it looks elegant and fragile, these icons promise great strength and scratch resistance like any other Rado product.

  1.  D-star Watches

The D-star is a true icon because it is the first ceramic watch to ever have a split-seconds chronograph with its rare movement and design.

  1.  Golden Horse Watches

This collection is one of the first watches manufactured by the brand in 1957. Though new models were added to the collection recently, these pieces stayed true to the original designs with a hint of modernity.

  1.  Ceramica Watches

This is the first collection that contains both the watch case and bracelet equipped with high-tech scratch-proof ceramic. This was innovated by having the ceramics transformed into patented plasma treatment that provides the high-tech features of it.

In A Nutshell 

Words are not enough to justify the excellence of the Rado timepieces. Those are just some of the exceptional timepieces that Rado has to offer. It has a wide range of collections that suit every style you want. Further, the Captain Cook collection is the perfect find for those who prefer modern designs. The watches in this collection are accented with a vintage touch that comes with a blend of materials and strap options. Ready to buy get your own timepiece, then check out The Watch Company today!

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