Why you should look to buy Spanish-style homes when you live in a hot climate!


If you live in a hot and humid climate, such as Arizona, Florida, California, Texas, or New Mexico, you might be wondering how you can purchase a house that has natural cooling components. Instead of buying a typical house that might not help you during the sweltering summer months or renting an apartment that barely has air conditioning, consider choosing this housing style instead. 

Benefits of Spanish style homes for hot climates

If you are considering purchasing a Spanish-style home, this is a smart decision – especially if you live in a hot climate! If you live in states like Arizona, Florida, or California where the weather can reach triple digits during the summer months, sometimes you need more than just a good air condition system. With a Spanish-style home, you can rest assured that the entire house is designed with your comfort in mind. Along with certain design aspects, architectural patterns, and materials that are designed to cool you off during heat waves, there are additional features of these types of homes that make them ideal for hot and humid climates. Find homes for sale with these Spanish styles here.

Stucco walls

The first characteristic that makes Spanish-style homes ideal for hot climates is the stucco walls. Although you may think that stucco is very thick, which it is, the properties of the material and the color are actually heat-absorbent – meaning they will absorb the heat for the sun and the weather to avoid it from getting into your house. If you want to save money on your air conditioning bill and avoid having it blasting at 65 degrees on a hot day, you can rest assured the stucco wall will help trap some of the heat. 

Small and open windows

The second benefit of having a Spanish-style home in a hot state during the summer months is the small and open windows. The small windows are usually sealed by iron instead of planes that can cause the sun’s rays to come into your room. In addition, the openness of the window design means that the breezes from outside can come inside your house and cool off the temperature. 

Inner courtyard

Another characteristic of Spanish Style homes that makes them great for hot climates is the inner courtyard. Although it can be not enjoyable on a very hot summer day during the peak sun hours, an inner courtyard is ideal for early mornings and late nights when the temperature has cooled off and you want to sit outside on your property. This inner courtyard can let families, especially those with children, safely be outside, enjoy some outdoor cooking, play some games, and hold social gatherings. 

Built from indigenous materials

The last characteristic of Spanish-style homes that make them ideal for hot climates is the indigenous components used. These indigenous materials, such as adobe and rock, are ideal for cooling properties when compared to traditional stone or concrete. 


If you live in a hot climate or a consistently warm state, then you should consider looking into the nearby Spanish-style homes that have the properties you need. If you want to stay cool during the summer months and you want a functional house, look for a Spanish-style home that has an inner courtyard, made from indigenous materials, small windows, and stucco walls. 

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